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Sleeping Beauty, Reimagined

The Louisville Ballet presents a playfully inspiring take on the classic fairytale

By Sarah Carter Levitch Photos by Kathryn Harrington This spring, the curtain will rise on the Louisville Ballet’s production of Sleeping Beauty, choreographed by resident Choreographer Adam Hougland, with scenic design by Marion Williams and costume design by Alex Ludwig. The production strikes a delicate balance between a classic and contemporary approach, reimagining the well-known story of Sleeping Beauty and promising something new, whether it’s your first or hundredth time seeing the show. Through a whimsical yet down-to-earth lense, everyone can find inspiration from families to ballet fans. Hougland described one way he shifted the story, “Sleeping Beauty can be a bit of a problematic story because you have this girl who doesn’t have as much agency as we would like her to have in the contemporary world. I’ve tried to make Aurora more in control of everything and less of a damsel in distress. She will be more powerful than we’re used to seeing her.”

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