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In the Style LOUp: A Look that Lasts Forever

By Ashlea Spears

Photos by: Dan Dry

Hello loves! How is this new year treating you so far? I’m sure most of you dove into the decluttering stage that a new year always brings. I continue to hope that you gain some insight and inspiration from these monthly articles and apply the tips in your own way. 

Last month we touched base on timeless styles and how that starts with menswear silhouettes and the like. Securing those strong, tried and true pieces of quality that can really stand the test of time. I’ve also talked about elevating your personal style and pushing your style limits a little to find that “magical mix” that is truly your own. Now, let’s apply those together for a concept that I think all brides should consider. 

Becoming a bride is invigorating, euphoric, and exciting. Pinterest boards have started, or dare I say finally applied and added to, date and venue secured, and hopefully that all aligns with a vision you’ve imagined all along. Now, it’s time to find THE dress. Some may luck out and the dress of their dreams is the perfect fit; others, (most brides), come to find that what you envisioned isn’t what’s best for you. We also consider, hopefully, that these pictures…these moments will last forever; therefore, we want to reflect on the special day and not totally be unhappy with the look that was chosen. 

When styling this bridal shoot, I considered the location first, then focused on why brides would choose this place and how their styles and visions may be different. How are they going to apply their dream and their vision in a place full of so much character, history, and attention to details? I visualized this in different ways. 

The character of the Louisville Palace first and foremost being a theater made me think of the rockstar bride. For me, this transcends to slimming silhouettes that are glitzy glam, or eighties-esque lace, strong shoulders, and sequins. Both of course must have some drama, which you can achieve with strong makeup, or a veil with extreme detail. 

The entrance reminded me of an old castle, so of course I had to have some “princess” moments. A voluminous romantic ball gown, and a princess who would prefer to get married in a forest or garden. The latter would have a floral, tulle, whimsical style and a tiara rather than a veil. 

Louisville is an eclectic city. We are creative and modern, but we also value history and tradition. Enter the modern bride and a simple romantic. The attention to details for this bride would exude a “less is more” approach. Minimal jewelry if the dress is dramatic, and the opposite if the dress is simpler and more subdued. Think about adding color if you lean on the latter. 

In a year where the trend of weddings and all the traditions seem to be going by the wayside, the one thing that will always stay the same is the importance of the bridal moment. More and more brides are seeking out stylist consultations, not only for the big day, but the events that go along with getting married. Whether your venue is full of 200+ or you’re choosing a more intimate setting, the bride is the one standout everyone can’t wait to see. So, you have to make that moment memorable. Make it really count!

As you say “yes” to YOUR dress, I encourage you to stay true to yourself and who you are as a couple, as well as keep in mind how your look will stand the test of time. There are many ways you can make your wedding your own, and I can’t wait to see how you make yours special. 

Toasting to a Look that Lasts Forever, 

Ashlea Spears


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