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Growing Local Businesses One Cup At A Time


We take coffee shops for granted nowadays, but 25 years ago they were few and far between. The concept of a local coffee shop back then was not what it is today. But that didn’t discourage Mike Mays, Co-Founder and President of Heine Brothers’ Coffee.

Twenty-five years ago Mays was able to get his first Heine Brothers’ Coffee shop on Longest Avenue financed, and since then Mays has managed to grow the enterprise to 15 locations (with two more locations opening soon).

When Heine Brothers’ Coffee finally found the perfect building to house their headquarters, Wilson & Muir Bank was one of their first calls. “We called Sam and he was there touring the building with us a day or two later,” said Mays.  WMB had Heine Brothers’ financing lined up to buy and renovate the building in no time. “It helps me sleep at night knowing that my bankers know my business and are committed to being there to help me grow it,” said Mays.

“Heine Brothers’ has become a local success story and a community treasure,” said Sam Winkler, WMB Senior Vice President. “Mike and Heine Brothers’ could bank with anyone in Louisville these days, but I am proud that he has chosen to bank with us at Wilson & Muir Bank,” added Winkler. 

Mays’ relationship with WMB goes beyond business. Brian Bates, WMB Senior Vice President, has also assisted Mays in getting residential loans on two different occasions. Due to Mays’ previous relationship with WMB, the process of getting a residential loan was simplified. “At the end of the day, it brings satisfaction knowing we help clients accomplish their objectives by being a local bank with local people making local decisions,” said Bates.

Wilson & Muir Bank’s decision makers are always accessible whenever a client needs them. It’s one of many reasons why Mays loves working with WMB. “They are ready to act quickly if an issue for Heine Brothers’ comes up,” said Mays. 

As coffee shops continue to be a part of our everyday lives now, Heine Brothers’ Coffee is excited about the future and continuing their relationship with WMB. “I couldn’t recommend Sam, Brian and the team at Wilson & Muir Bank more highly,” added Mays.

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