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Kentucky Select’s Whitney Bianchi Loves Helping New Louisvillians and Locals

By: Lisa Hornung

Photos By: Matt Johnson

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While living in Houston, Texas with her family, Whitney Bianchi decided a career change from healthcare consulting to real estate was right for her. A friend was building a real estate team, and she joined, not only gaining mentorship and establishing connections but unknowingly growing an opportunity that would lead to something greater.

When her family moved back to Louisville for her husband’s job, luckily, it was where Bianchi had wanted to live all along. “I always planned on dragging him back at some point,” she said. “And we’ve just been so happy to be back. Louisville is my favorite place. I think it’s the best of all the worlds. You kind of get, you know, the amenities of a bigger city in terms of restaurants and music, culture, art, but you are not stuck in traffic, like in Houston. Everything is very accessible.”

“I didn’t have children when I lived in Louisville before,” Bianchi said. “We had our son (Leo, 5) while we were in Texas, and moving back as a family, doing that multi-state move and relocating and finding a home. It really gave me such an appreciation for what my clients go through.” Because of her first-hand experience, Bianchi has a greater love and appreciation for supporting local, actively fostering new relationships that build community, hospitality, and connection. She delivers on her effort to meet people where they are, making them feel as seen, heard, and as appreciated as possible. The support they feel and level of care and compassion she provides makes the home buying/selling experience as approachable as possible.

Her time in Houston allowed her to meet contacts from around the country who know her as their Louisville connection. This brings lots of clients who are relocating to Louisville, with more than 65 percent of her business coming from out of state. “It’s been so fun to help them learn more about Louisville and even show locals how to learn to love it in new ways. I share not just the neighborhoods, but the restaurants and the shops and the places to hang out and the places where they might want to consider living, depending on where they are sending their children to school, giving them tastes of experiences here so they can grow to love it just as much as me.”

With her genuine approach to giving people an idea of what it will be like to live in Louisville, Bianchi loves creating spaces to express her hospitality. “Having a way to connect with others and find community is what we are all looking for,” Bianchi said. “I value community, connection and service, and the relationships I’m cultivating are a benefit to anyone who works with me. I am a resource for real estate needs and beyond.” One event she hosted centered around a ladies’ bourbon tasting – held at a woman-owned business (the Butcher Rose). She curated a list of her clients from interesting backgrounds around Louisville and had a female CMO from Buffalo Trace lead the tasting. It was the thoughtful planning and small details that made it a success, creating lasting memories and building new networks outside of real estate.

It’s that client-centered approach that Bianchi brings to real estate. Of course she loves to sell homes, but even more, she loves connecting people to the culture of her beloved home state.


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