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2023 Local Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Welcome to VOICE-TRIBUNE’s annual Holiday Gift Guide! Whether it’s a friend, family member, coworker or another special person in your life, we have lots of great suggestions for holiday gift giving. We’ll lean into our guide with a lighthearted Q&A with Holiday Guide cover model and Miss Black Kentucky USA, Ariel Thompson. Then, peruse our pages to learn where to shop for the fine, high-quality items we’re featuring. Happy shopping!

Gathering and Giving: Miss Black Kentucky USA Ariel Thompson Talks to VOICE-TRIBUNE About Her Goals, Charity and Favorite Holiday Traditions Can you tell us about the work you do as Miss Black Kentucky USA?

“I have the opportunity to expound upon my platform of bettering the education for minorities. I saw what education did to transform my life yet how hard it was to get access to the proper help I needed. So when I got in a better position I couldn’t help but to look back and give back. Even going as far as publishing books that highlight minority characters. I now have the opportunity to mentor, speak, and give motivation to those that feel their dreams are too far fetched.”

What is your favorite charity?

“My favorite charity is Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I have such a connection to them from attending after-school to now hosting a School Supply Drive in collaboration with the organization and a program I started called ‘Blossoming Beauties.’”

Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition.

“My grandmother’s side of the family is from Selma, Alabama, so I spent many Thanksgivings there getting to know my family. My favorite thing about that time of the year was the road-trip to Alabama and how much we all sat around, ate, and laughed for what felt like eternity when we got there. The holidays feel like the warmest time of the year to me even though it’s in the coldest months. It always is a warm time when you’re around people that love you.”

What are your favorite holiday dishes?

“My top dishes are honey-baked ham, candied yams, macaroni, and sweet cornbread. Watching my family cook was so intimidating as a child but they allowed me to get my wet by making the cornbread. To this day that’s my favorite thing to make from scratch. When I realized how amazing it was to make things from scratch I ventured off into desserts and now love baking pies.”


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