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There’s No Place Like Milestone

Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center offers a fitness routine for everyone’s needs

By Jilian Higgins Photo provided by Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to your fitness goals? Maybe you used to be super active and you’ve all of a sudden hit a slump. Or maybe you’re recovering from an injury and feeling defeated. I’ll bet at some point you’ve looked in the mirror and felt like it was time to make time for YOU. Milestone can help! When it comes to health and wellness, there are so many different reasons why people struggle. Trust me, I know. I can confidently say that at Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center, we’re the perfect fit for anyone looking to take control of their health and wellness needs. I am so proud to be writing this article on behalf of this amazing club and I can’t wait to tell you about Louisville’s best-kept fitness secret.

As a relatively young person, I can tell you that I too have tried many other options, but struggled to find the right place for me. I was lucky enough to become the Marketing Director for the club this past spring, and not only did I find the right fit employment wise, but found the right club for my own fitness needs.

Why is Milestone the best? I could fill this entire magazine but I’ll keep it straight-forward. We offer five-star quality service in every area of our club. Though we had to quickly adapt given the recent restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud to still be able to keep our standards of excellence higher than ever for our members. Prior to the pandemic, we were nationally recognized for cleanliness by our members and it has always been a top priority. Of course, during the current pandemic, we continue to make this our number one priority by making the necessary changes and precautions to keep our members and staff safe. Though we may look a little different during this time, some things haven’t changed, like the fact that our club is still the perfect fit for any fitness level. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, just looking to get “fit-ish,” or you’re training for a triathlon, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Milestone. We’re a one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING health and wellness, and it’s all top-of-the-line.

Milestone Amenities:

· Fully equipped fitness center that once again won the 2020 Voice Bestie Award for Best Fitness Studio · Top-of-the-line cycling studio that won 2020 Voice Bestie Runner Up for Best Cycling Studio · Nationally recognized aquatic center featuring a six-lane lap pool, warm water therapy pool, relaxing jacuzzi, group aquatic exercise classes, aquatic personal training and more! · Nationally recognized HMR® weight-loss program offering virtual and in-person group classes · Personal training, both one-on-one and small group personal training (we have over 60 amazing personal trainers to fit any fitness level and need) · Pilates Reformer personal training · Oasis Spa services: massage, facials, waxing, skincare and nail services · Corporate wellness programs · Group exercise classes including Barre Pilates, yoga and TRX, to high-intensity interval classes, hip-hop and Tai Chi · Full-service cafe serving everything from protein shakes and smoothies to tacos and spaghetti · Child care available

When Milestone Fitness Center opened in 1984, the focus was on building a community around health and wellness, and it worked. In 1998, the process of expanding began and the idea of partnering with a hospital was introduced which was a new concept in the fitness industry at that time. The perfect partnership was found in Baptist Health Louisville. Through our partnership, we have been able to house a physical therapy clinic that is convenient for our members and their patients. They utilize the pools to do water therapy as well as our fitness equipment. It is amazing to see how we have grown while currently celebrating our 20-year partnership with Baptist Health Louisville.

At the heart of who we are as a club, we are a community. While there is no doubt we have an amazing staff and facility that is top-of-the-line, we know that what keeps our business thriving is the community that has been built within our walls. In my opinion, that is what makes the difference in why people stay and why they see such amazing results. When you become a member, we pair you with a fitness coach that shows you around and helps you find the best fit for your physical activity needs. Your coach continues to check in with you on your progress and helps you with any challenges you may be experiencing. This coach becomes a familiar face around the club for our members to be able to go to with any questions or concerns.

Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center has developed into a community of people who come together to support and grow towards a common goal of being the best version of themselves inside and out. From the group exercise buddies to the group of men we see meeting in our cafe for fellowship, our members find support from each other. The best part is we’re ready to welcome ANYONE in. I can guarantee you there is a place for you at Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center!

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