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KMAC Couture: Runway For The Roses

By Kathryn Harrington

For the past 12 years, KMAC Couture has continued to be one of Louisville’s most anticipated events of the year by inviting new artistic talent and seasoned veterans of the art world to create brilliant and innovative pieces of wearable art. By encouraging the intersection of fashion and art, designers are provided a platform to truly push the boundaries of traditional fashion and explore new realms of creativity. Through fostering collaboration between designers, artists, and creatives from different backgrounds, KMAC Couture encourages a cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives, resulting in spectacularly unique and interdisciplinary fashion creations. This annual event coincides with another famous, although much older, tradition: the Kentucky Derby.

Famously known as the “most exciting two minutes in sports,” the Kentucky Derby is among the most prestigious and iconic horse races in the world. Each year, the Run for the Roses is accompanied by a myriad of traditions such as the mint julep, the blanket of roses placed upon the back of the winning horse, the dozens of Kentucky Derby Festival events leading up to the main event, and, of course, the fashion. These traditions are what make this time of year in Louisville so incredibly special. By combining extravagant and opulent fashion with sporting excellence and Southern hospitality, the Kentucky Derby is the experience of a lifetime.

In recognition of the monumental celebration surrounding the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby, the theme of this year’s KMAC Couture was Runway for the Roses. With so much inspiration to choose from, designers drew from all facets of the historic event across many decades. Designs included elements from festivities surrounding the Derby such as Thunder Over Louisville, the Balloon Glow, and the Longines Kentucky Oaks among the many other traditions that make up the Kentucky Derby season. This iteration of KMAC Couture also saw many impressive runway presentations that featured choreographed performances showcasing the wearable art pieces in a dynamic and engaging way. KMAC Couture’s Runway for the Roses was truly a sight to behold with the electrifying fusion of fashion and art. As with every year of this uniquely Louisvillian event, creativity knew no bounds, and the runway became the canvas for innovation and imagination. 


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