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Elias Feghaly: Meet the Creator of Louisville’s Newest Fragrance Photos provided by Kulli Parfum

Grounding, earthy and floral, Kulli Parfum is one of the newest locally created lines of aromatic products created in our hometown. Below, owner Elias Feghaly discusses his business, and the signature scent that launched Kulli Parfum.

How long have you been in business? Why/how did you decide to start Kulli?

Elias: Kulli Parfum is only eight months old, with a soft launch at Story Louisville in Nulu on May 10th, 2023. Rooted in the Arabic term meaning "All Me," Kulli is more than a fragrance; it's a captivating celebration of self-expression and individuality. Crafted as a reminder to always stay true to yourself, Kulli Parfum encourages embracing every facet of your authentic self, no matter the moment. 

As a designer and artist with over a decade of experience representing major brands, I've always dreamt of creating a product that truly reflects me. This dream became a reality after seven years of playful experimentation with aromas, guided by three years of mentorship from Angie Andriot at Vetiver Aromatics. After a trip to Costa Rica and discovering the flower Ylang Ylang, I remember coming back to Louisville, and the first thing I did was write it and finalize the formula. That's when Kulli Parfum was born. 

Tell us about the products you offer and any future products you plan to introduce. 

Elias: The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness from the top notes of Bergamot, Lilac, and Blood Orange, which create a bright and citrusy aroma. As the fragrance settles on the skin, the heart notes of Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, and Vanilla emerge, providing warmth and luxury. Finally, the base notes of Cedarwood, Fresh Dirt, and Bourbon provide a grounding and earthy foundation to the fragrance, balancing out the sweetness of the heart notes. This perfume is for everyone and will smell different on everyone. I always tell people when you spray perfume, don't ‘run’ to smell it, just let it come to you. My next project is candles, and I already have a prototype that smells amazing, inspired by Kulli Parfum of course. The product should be released just in time for Valentine's Day. The candle in the prototype is in a metal tin but the final product will be in a glass jar.

What separates your business from others? Elias: “As an artisan, I am proud to say each bottle is hand-blended and poured in Louisville, Kentucky. Not Paris, not Milan, right here in our home. And what makes it more special is that Kulli enhances our connection and rootedness to the earth, while also providing a warm and inviting scent that is both masculine and feminine. So this is a perfume for everyone, when you put it on it becomes part of you, and helps you embrace ‘you.’”

Tell us about your pop-up space over the holidays. What was the reception?Elias: “Thank you so much for asking! I had a three-day pop-up shop at Oxmoor Mall and the reception was great! We spoke to so many people and everyone loved the perfume, even kids! It was an incredible feeling getting to connect with the Louisville community and bring the passion of perfume making into our town. I also saw many people that I recognized and that made it even better.”

How can our readers reach you to make a purchase? Elias: “You can explore and purchase the parfum at”


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