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NOIR Five: Sustainable Crafted Goods Infused with Love


Photos By: Matt Johnson

NOIR Five: Sustainably Crafted Goods Infused with Love

From rustic and classic to high-end luxury soap and shampoos, NOIR Five Owner Shona Casey Sondergeld offers something from everyone, with new products continuously on the horizon. Below, she shares her business story.

How long have you been in business? Why/how did you make the decision to start NOIR Five?

“I started making soap as well as shampoo and conditioner bars during Covid; I wanted to create 100% natural and chemical-free products that were pretty. I've been a licensed hairstylist for over 30 years.”

Tell us about the products you offer. Additionally, tell us about your decision to introduce a men's products line. 

“I began dehydrating fruits, and flowers to add to my mixtures for zero waste. As of late, I have been using French clays and powders to give beautiful natural color while adding texture to my scrubs.” 

“All of my products can of course be used by anyone, but guys would always ask which were the most masculine so I created a few soaps just for the fellas. My Bluegrass Tobacco, Double Oaked Bourbon, and Kentucky Toasted Rye were born. Double Oaked Bourbon and Watermelon Martini have been my number one sellers two years in a row.”

Tell us about your decision to become a luxury/small batch business and include largely organic ingredients and essential oils.

“I love finding hand painted paper and vessels for my candles, which are easily repurposed. I've been playing around with a more upscale look and took inspiration from Chanel for my new Moonbeams soap. I'm so excited to get feedback on my body oils and beard oils. 

With festival season on the horizon, I can hardly wait to interact with my customers.” 

How can our readers find your products? 

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