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Mamma Mia!: Making a Fashionable Impression as the Mother of the Bride

By Remy Sisk

When gearing up for your daughter's (or son’s!) wedding, there can often be months of meticulous planning to take part in – and at times, seemingly insurmountable to-do lists to work your way through to help make the big day go off without a hitch. Amidst the cakes and caterers, be sure not to let one important detail slip through your fingers: your wedding outfit! Jeff Hunter of Glasscock Boutique is helpfully here to offer some insightful tips toward making a fashion splash at this unforgettable occasion.

“Now this one’s for all of the mothers out there shopping for the perfect mother-of-the-bride/groom dresses for the big day: Good news, there are plenty of options that will make you feel beautiful and confident,” Hunter assures. “Gone are the days of matronly dresses for mothers; nowadays, it’s all about feeling fashionable and confident in a look that reflects your personal style.”

It can certainly be intimidating to begin the task of curating what to wear to your child’s wedding, walking the difficult line of making an individualized statement and splash without pulling focus from the newlyweds. But that’s where Hunter and his team at Glasscock come in. “With over 40 years of business, Glasscock Boutique – along with lead bridal consultant Paula Browne and staff – are here to guide you through the latest mother of the bride/groom dress etiquette,” he says, “helping you choose an outfit that will make you feel fabulous while still adhering to wedding customs.”

While it could be tempting to select a look suited to your personal taste, Hunter explains that several established factors should go into the process of planning the perfect ensemble. For example, the venue plays a part – are we talking formal? Semi-formal? Casual? Additionally, pay attention to the wedding party’s color scheme. “Use the couple’s set wedding dress code as a guide to finding color,” he shares. “Wear colors that look nice on you and complement the wedding colors; however, this doesn’t mean you’re supposed to wear the wedding color theme – you want to stand out and not blend in with the backdrop.”

Should you decide to make an appointment with a consultant, he enumerates some considerations to keep in mind, and coming prepared with these details and preferences will help make the process as efficient (and successful) as possible. Such factors include the date of the wedding, venue, budget, any colors in mind, going with a dress or separates, and desired length of what you’ll be wearing. He also encourages bringing shoes and undergarments to the appointment. 

It’s a lot to take into account, admittedly, but Hunter assures that putting in a bit of work up front will yield some much-needed peace of mind as you get closer to the big day. “Ideally the to-be-weds get their outfits early in the process – one year to nine months out – and the mothers should plan to find theirs shortly after,” he offers. “This ensures that everyone has plenty of stress-free time to get alterations if necessary.”

To start working on your perfect and personalized look, schedule an appointment with a Glasscock consultant by calling 502.895.0212.

Glasscock Boutique has access to sizes 00-26 including custom pieces and

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