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Louisville Ballet’s Return to the Stage

Celebrating 70 years with the upcoming 2021-2022 season

By Anna Byerley Photos by Sam English After a full season of pre-filming performances and selling virtual tickets, the Louisville Ballet is eager to return to the stage with in-person audiences to help celebrate its 70th anniversary. We spoke to the Louisville Ballet’s Artistic Director, Robert Curran, and the Interim Director of Marketing, Natalie Harris, to find out more about what’s in store for the upcoming season. “We’re really excited to be going into the 70th anniversary after wrapping our heads around the digital experience,” said Curran. “It was a great opportunity for us and now we know what a digital offering can be for our patrons – how it can reach further without having to be physically in attendance and can create a richer and deeper engagement with the art form.” During the pandemic shutdowns, the Louisville Ballet continued to produce work digitally with high-production films available for their audiences to purchase and view from home. However, from a creative perspective, they were not fully virtual. They were back in the studio with their dancers, distanced by 8-feet, mask-wearing and getting tested twice a week in order to still make the 2020-2021 season happen.

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