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Just Getting Started: KMAC Couture Fashion Week

KMAC Couture: Art Walks the Runway has long been lauded as one of the city’s most artistic and elegant events. In 2018, KMAC Museum added to the show’s excitement by starting KMAC Couture Fashion Week, a series of happenings at local businesses where supporters can receive special offers and take part in exclusive experiences. To learn more about this dazzling week, we spoke with KMAC’s Development and Membership Associate Kris Pettit and two of the creative minds behind KMAC Couture Fashion Week, Lee Middendorf and Debbie Huddleston-Mitchell.

What can Louisvillians look forward to with KMAC Couture Fashion Week 2019?

“KMAC Couture Fashion Week has grown immensely since its inaugural year in 2018,” said Pettit. “This year, we’re pleased to announce that the kickoff to KMAC Couture Fashion Week will be an exclusive, upscale event at Churchill Downs before the track opens for the season. As KMAC Couture has been called the ‘Unofficial Kickoff to Derby Season,’ what could be more fitting than kicking things off with a night at the track?”

“Throughout the week, Louisvillians can look forward to posh, art-focused events at some of the most fashion-forward local businesses in our area, like boutiques, jewelers, distillers and spas,” explained Middendorf. “Guests can expect giveaways, promotions, swag bags, gourmet food and cocktails while they mingle with other Couture fans and arts supporters in the city. Also this year, we’re adding expert speakers and book signings.”

Which local businesses are hosting events this year? 

“So far, we’re pleased to announce support from Physicians Center for Beauty (hosting this year in their new space on Chenoweth Lane), Six Sisters Boutique, Skyn Lounge, Cindy Borders Jewelry, Circe, Blu Collective and Rabbit Hole Distillery,” stated Pettit. “And there’s room for even more! Local businesses interested in being involved can contact me at to become a part of this ever-growing celebration of art and fashion in Louisville. We’d be remiss in not also thanking our major KMAC Couture sponsors: our presenting sponsor Blue Grass MOTORSPORT, as well as incredible support from Churchill Downs, Brown-Forman and The Mitchell-Schenkenfelder Group at Morgan Stanley.”

Are there any treats or surprises planned at each location?

“Of course! Each host is already making plans to throw a memorable event, and we know each business will be stepping up their game to dazzle our guests with giveaways, promotions, swag, food and drink,” said Huddleston-Mitchell. “We already know that Six Sisters is offering 20 percent off of in-store purchases and a unique tote bag just for guests, Skyn Lounge will be offering a swag bag filled with skin care products, Rabbit Hole will be unveiling new art installations and plans for the week just continue to be made.”

How does Fashion Week help build the anticipation for KMAC Couture?

“The night of KMAC Couture is always so incredibly dynamic and inspiring, everyone involved is left wanting more,” said Middendorf. “One night of art and fashion is just not enough! That idea of wanting to prolong the excitement of KMAC Couture season is what ultimately turned into KMAC Couture Fashion Week: a chance for our fashion-focused supporters to share their enthusiasm for the event with our models, artists and guests.”

“An essential part of KMAC Couture Fashion Week is partnering with and highlighting local businesses through a supportive partnership,” explained Huddleston-Mitchell. “This week is a chance for local businesses to host exclusive experiences for our KMAC Couture audience. We often have looks from previous shows, allowing attendees to see these remarkable garments up close and making for an exciting teaser for what awaits them on April 20.”

“The hosts for KMAC Couture Fashion Week will also have their latest ‘shades of white’ looks ready to show off, which really gets attendees thinking about how they will dress and accessorize to attend Couture and the Kentucky Derby,” Pettit said. “Attending (these) events is the perfect way to build your unique look for these two red-letter Louisville experiences.

“With so many talented artists and art supporters gathered in celebration of the local arts scene, KMAC Museum and KMAC Couture, what could be more exciting?” Pettit continued. “And since front row tickets for KMAC Couture are already half sold out, we know the rest of Louisville is just as excited as we are.” V

Stay tuned for more details about KMAC Couture Fashion Week. Visit their website at or call 502.589.0102

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