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Dream Design Duo

Colleen Underhill and Julia Clayton create cozy, timeless interiors tied together with modern and classical elements

By Elizabeth Scinta Photos provided by US Designs Colleen Underhill and Julia Clayton, two creative businesswomen, brought color, life and marvelous design to The George at 42, a building that lacked personality and originality before they stepped in. According to Underhill, the two have been in the design business for over 50 years combined, but US Designs wasn’t brought to life until 15 years ago. Strangers before, but best friends now, the two play off each other to craft inviting spaces tailored to each client’s style, but most importantly, realistic and useful. “Our objective in designing beautiful spaces is to make them functional for families to enjoy,” explained Underhill and Clayton. Expect to see sealskin paint covering the walls and florals and lucite furniture throughout their projects as these are US Designs’ must-have elements.

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