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Delegate to Elevate

Ashley Davis Sigman shares her journey to becoming Vice President of Davis Jewelers

By Elizabeth Scinta Photos by Andrea Hutchinson Growing up, Ashley Davis Sigman’s father never shoved her toward the family business, Davis Jewelers. So, when it came time for her to pick a major at Indiana University, she chose Communications with a minor in Studio Art, thinking she’d venture into the hospitality industry post-graduation. However, after throwing her graduation cap in the air, Davis Sigman forewent her plans of joining the hospitality industry as she naturally gravitated towards joining Davis Jewelers’ team; she began her career there immediately. “Although I didn’t go into the hospitality industry, the love and excitement of helping and serving others and being a part of their special moments naturally transitioned into the jewelry industry,” Davis Sigman explained. She did not initially land as Vice President of Davis Jewelers but had a series of various positions that helped her better understand the operation from the ground up. Her favorite job during that time was inventory. “I enjoyed the role in the inventory process because it gives you a foundation of understanding of our product and where it’s coming from, which gave me a better understanding when I transitioned to the buying side of things. So, from start to finish, I understood how it got from shipping to showcase, the importance and strictness to detail and quality control. I also started the vendor partner and vendor relationships that we forged then and still have now,” said Davis Sigman. Her position now encompasses many of the roles she entered into previously, allowing her to utilize the skills she learned daily. “I wear many hats, but yes, my formal title is Vice President,” Davis Sigman laughed.

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