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Finding Home: Where Hearts and Houses Align

Written by: Maddie Weiland

It is most often the case that a Realtor® works with a client to find them a home, but sometimes a home is what leads to finding a client.

Adrianne Hoadley is a Realtor® with Kentucky Select Properties. Real estate is in her DNA, as her mom and aunt are real estate agents and took her to her first showing at just seven years old. Yet, her love of “home” extends beyond brick and mortar. What happens inside its walls is what she loves and is something she has worked hard to keep at the heart of her business. The story of how she connects with her clients and matches them with homes is one worth telling. 

Before launching her career in real estate, Adrianne spent several years working in corporate communications at Dell Computer in Austin. In awe of its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, she found herself moving to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, landing a job at the town's oldest real estate company before moving to New York City to join a boutique public relations firm. At the core of her work experiences were the relationships she created with clients, partners, and the press, but amongst her rich surroundings is where her infatuation with real estate began. 

Adrianne brought her plethora of experience and her love of homes to her Kentucky real estate career. Driven by her relationships with clients and a fierce passion to advocate for them and deliver exceptional customer service, she intentionally seeks out homes that clients might not think about for themselves. More often than not, Adrianne can picture clients in a particular home because her instincts tell her that it could end up being a perfect fit for them.

In the case with her most recent listing, this is no different. In the spring of 2021, Adrianne

was touring homes in Louisville and within seconds of stepping into a property with award-winning design, she knew it was a perfect “match” for renowned interior designer Rachel Horn.

Not knowing if Rachel was looking for a home, Adrianne gave her a call and told her she was standing inside the kitchen of a home that was the perfect combination of function and luxury— a 1937 Bauhaus-style kit house first published in The Courier Journal that same year. A meticulous renovation including high-end finishes, a heated saltwater pool, spacious steam room, custom kitchen, and a completely tiled bathroom earned it an AIA 2016 Honor Award. 

After the call, Rachel booked a flight from Austin to see this extraordinary home in person.

Adrianne met Rachel when she lived in San Miguel de Allende. Over the past 25 years, Rachel personally guided Adrianne on design and functionality in her own homes, and Adrianne learned about Rachel’s distinct vision and relentless pursuit of beauty. That’s why when walking through the house, Adrianne knew just who to call because she was already envisioning Rachel living in it. 

After joining forces to purchase the home, Rachel transformed the interior. She fastidiously designed and sourced custom, bench-made, mid-century and antique furniture and hand-picked every accessory to turn it into the beautiful black and white jewel box home that earned a feature in the 2024 March/April issue of HGTV Magazine.

Whether it’s a special property like this one or others with unlimited potential, it is evident that Adrianne’s love of home has been a defining part of her success as a Realtor®, matching a client with what she really sees in a home: the heart.


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