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All “Rodes” Point To Wilson & Muir Bank


Rodes For Him, For Her, opened in Louisville in 1914. Wilson & Muir Bank (WMB) opened its first office in Kentucky in 1865. Rodes was one of WMB’s first commercial clients in Louisville, years before WMB opened their St Matthews office.  “It was a great match from the beginning,” said Frank Wilson, President & CEO of Wilson & Muir Bank. “Two of Kentucky’s oldest businesses partnering and growing together,” added Wilson.

Although Rodes experienced many changes as their business grew, WMB was there to guide them. “Given their business expertise, WMB has helped us refine and define our plans for true success… and that is what sets WMB apart,” said Howard Vogt, President and co-owner of Rodes.

Wilson attributes his career path a direct result of his relationship with Rodes. After graduating from college his father took him to Rodes to get a couple of suits for job interviews. The next stop was Wilson & Muir Bank where his father cosigned a loan to repay him for the suits. It was at that time he was offered a bank teller job from CEO Robert E. Sutherland. It was Sutherland and Lawrence Smith, the patriarch of the family business, who first established the relationship between WMB and Rodes and 35 years later it carries on.

“WMB listened and truly partnered with Rodes during our growth,” said Howard. “They not only looked at our business, but took the time to get to know us,” added Howard.

Susan Vogt, co-owner of Rodes, is the daughter of Lawrence Smith. “Lawrence was one of the finest and most honorable individuals we ever had the privilege of working with,” said Wilson. Wilson noted that Smith set very high standards as a business operator and was a great mentor to Howard and Susan. “They have carried on a great tradition of excellence, as Rodes is the premiere clothing store in the city, and have been very generous with their philanthropic efforts, supporting many great causes including Derby Divas and Gilda’s Club. Rodes and the Vogts are true assets to Louisville,” said Wilson.

“We use WMB for everything and tell everyone who will listen what a true partner they are,” said Howard. “I could not be more proud to be associated with such an exceptional organization, Howard added.

“At Rodes they say, ‘Relationships are priceless’ and at WMB, we couldn’t agree more,” concluded Wilson.

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