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A Comfy and Cozy Retreat

By McKenna Graham

Photos By: Matt Johnson

February can feel like some of the coldest and most brutal days of winter here in Louisville. Thankfully, Donna Osif, owner of Bedded Bliss at 3936 Chenoweth Square, has you covered (pun intended) with some expert advice on how to put together the perfect bed for Valentine’s Day, and make these last days of winter not only survivable but luxurious.

Crafting your sacred restful retreat begins with the basics. Any well-made bed consists of a mattress pad, sheets, coverlet, quilt or duvet cover, pillows and shams. 

“I prefer a down comforter with a duvet cover,” says Osif. Although, she notes many people feel this can look sloppy and thus opt for a lighter weight coverlet or quilt with a warm blanket underneath.

Bedded Bliss offers a variety of gorgeous matching custom bedding sets, many made with cotton percale sheets. Percale refers to a type of weave with a simple “criss cross” pattern. The tight-knit structure makes this fabric smooth, breathable and durable, with a “crisp to the touch” feel.  Better yet, percale is known to get softer with every wash. The Callista and Daphne designs are lovely, romantic options for Valentine’s Day and early spring. Both feature a botanical, vining motif that is delicately embroidered and offered in more than five different colors, making them adaptable to nearly any décor. For those who prefer a more clean, contemporary feel, the Bergamo design may be a preferable option. It is a phenomenal silky, light, percale made of 100% Giza Egyptian cotton yarns, and meticulously woven in Italy. 

Osif also said that a warm cashmere or baby alpaca throw is an essential, particularly when one person in a couple runs cold and needs another layer on their half of the bed. Cashmere throws have always been a favorite, but baby alpaca wool has been increasing in popularity in recent years, no doubt because of its myriad benefits such as being as soft as cashmere, three times as warm as sheep wool, hypoallergenic and breathable enough for all four seasons. 

“When one half of the couple sleeps cold,” explains Osif, “the easiest way to stay warm is by investing in a decadent throw to put on top of whoever is cold. I’m talking about a really beautiful throw, not the kind you throw on the chair for looks, or when you catch a chill reading — a really great throw!”  

As for pillows, Osif recommends pillow inserts that fill out a sham properly, and enough pillows to prevent the bed from appearing “skimpy” and overly minimalistic. She addresses the age-old question of how many decorative pillows is too many decorative pillows by saying, “I find the majority of people sleep with at least two pillows each. I like to see them behind decorative European, standard, or king-size shams. A trend that has made many people quite happy is then putting one large lumbar pillow in front of those shams and enough … no more decorative pillows.” 

These lumbar pillows can also be quite nice for when time is spent in bed lounging as opposed to sleeping, helping to support the lower back and relieve spine pressure. 

Once these bedding basics have been attended to, it is truly time to indulge in the little details that will make it into an intimate space for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. Whether you are relaxing solo or with a significant other, having crisp, clean and pressed sheets is the foundation. 

“I love a turned-down bed for your loved one. It’s so inviting!” said Osif, expanding upon what can turn the daily sanctuary of your bedroom into a retreat. “New ‘sexy’ lingerie, flickering candles, soft music, wine, and champagne, are all special things we don’t use every day. Any or all of those treats, creates a sensual environment. For those lucky enough to have a fireplace, that is a must.” 

If you plan to purchase a gift for friends or loved ones to enhance their boudoir experience this February 14th, Osif suggests you skip the ‘tired’ trope of flowers, and invest in something a little longer lasting.

“When I was younger,” she said, “I of course wanted the dozen long-stemmed red roses that died in 48 hours. They never bloom, and never have a scent, so I’m very much against throwing away money on flowers for Valentine’s Day. Gift boxes with different lotions and potions are nice, a romantic dinner with dessert in bed would be romantic. Finding some decadent chocolate that is not easy to find is always wonderful. Scented linen spray for the sheets is another great gift idea.” 

Bedded Bliss has a number of items suited to these needs such as Kiran robes, Lafco candles, LeBlanc laundry wash, foaming bath salts, plush towels and gift sets. 

In the end, the best place to spend these wintry days is nestled up in a lusciously cozy bed, complete with all the accouterments of relaxation. Soft lighting, fluffy pajamas, the ambience of a scented candle, and if you’re like Donna Osif, a few kittens with whom to cuddle. It’s worth remembering that a well-made bed can be a unique type of self-care. Whether you’re spending your time in the bedroom alone or with a special someone, it can be a sacred retreat for the body and mind to heal, recharge, and dream. 


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