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Jordan and Natalie Clemons Wedding

Jordan and Natalie Clemons

Music lovers Jordan and Natalie Clemons met as students during college.  Years later, the pair dated for two years before Jordan asked her to be his “permanent concert partner.” Now, married with young twin children, the couple reflects back on their proposal, wedding, and the moment they decided to spend their lives with one another.

How did you meet?

Jordan: “We met at the University of Louisville in 2007. We both came from small towns; I'm from Leitchfield and Natalie is from Bardstown. Moving to Louisville was such a big step into the unknown for each of us. We had no idea what was in store for us, least of all what would ultimately transpire from our meeting while living at Community Park on campus. Our relationship began as friends all those years ago, and it's matured into the foundation of our marriage and family today.

Tell us about the proposal, or the moment you decided marriage was the next step.

Jordan: “We knew within a year of dating that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. The thought was always in the back of our minds; it was just a matter of when. I had been working with Merkley Kendrick on a custom-designed antique ring using two diamonds that came from Natalie's grandmother’s earrings. Our date nights always included live music, so I knew the occasion would center around a concert. When Lindsey Stirling came to The Louisville Palace in October of 2016 — a venue we had not been to together  — I knew I had found the perfect moment.”

“I wanted to give Natalie a hint that it was happening and let her enjoy the anticipation all day. With that in mind, I started the day with champagne (there were two bottles, so she knew something was up) and breakfast burritos. We went out and spent time at Work the Metal, cruised the walking bridge, and had a picnic lunch on the Waterfront at the spot where we fell in love, Forecastle 2014. The weather was picturesque.  I could tell she was expecting a proposal at any moment, but I kept her waiting.”

“We had a midday nap and went to have dinner at Encore (now Black Jockey’s Lounge) before the show. I could feel Natalie’s anticipation building, and my nerves were out of control. I had given the ring to a friend of mine who worked at the Palace, and after we walked across the street, I got my ring from her outside the original box office. I bent down on one knee and proposed in the middle of the crowd and had a photographer waiting to take pictures of us under the marquee.”

“She said ‘YES!’ Natalie spent the rest of the evening looking down at her left hand and Lindsey Stirling was the encore to our show…that was just beginning!”

Where and when did your wedding take place?

Jordan: “The wedding was on September 30th, 2017 in Bardstown. The venue was Whiskey Craft Estate (now Preservation Distillery.)”

Who were your vendors?

Natalie: “We live a thrifty lifestyle, and our wedding day was no different. Our top budget priorities were a live band, my dress, and our venue. With the help of my mom, who also has a creative and colorful vision, we turned my bohemian dream wedding into a fun-filled night of love. My mom and I designed and created all of our decorations. From the arbor to the band’s stage and backdrop; from the chandeliers to the center pieces; from the hand-painted dessert display to our photobooth; we couldn’t have done it without her!”

“What made our wedding even more special was my dad officiated the wedding and my brother gave me away."

Vendors included:

Band, Zach Longoria Project; Wedding Dress – Martina Liana from Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique; Photographer – Cheryl Marie Photography; Florist – Bardstown Florist; Caterer – Connie Nalley (Susie Q’s of Bardstown); Wedding Planner – Jamie Miracle (family friend).

Where did you honeymoon?

Natalie: “I had never been out of the States, so what better excuse to go to the farthest country for our honeymoon – Thailand! This was our grandest adventure yet, on the opposite side of the world. We waited a bit for hurricane season to be over and spent eleven magical days on the islands of Thailand in November of 2017. Being the planner that I am, I researched, booked, and arranged the entire trip. And it was MAGICAL.”

“We landed on beautiful Phuket where we visited an elephant sanctuary (my favorite part of the trip!), toured the Big Buddha, ate authentic Pad Thai, and got massages on the beach. Then we traveled by ferry to Phi Phi Island, where we got bamboo tattoos: "ชอบพอ", took a private longtail boat tour, saw the best fire spinners in the world, and partied non-stop with the wildest people we had ever met!”

Did you incorporate any family legacy, honorary memories, or significant heirloom pieces into the event?

Jordan: “Natalie’s wedding ring was custom-made using diamonds from her grandmother’s earrings.”

What are some of the details that made your engagement and wedding experience unique?

Natalie: “We never understood having separate bachelor/bachelorette parties, so we did a joint celebration by inviting all our friends to get down with us at Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati. To us, becoming one should be celebrated together with everyone.”

Jordan: “We are both huge fans of My Morning Jacket, and our first dance song was ‘A New Life’ by Jim James. During the reception when we had a moment alone, Natalie told me to take off my new wedding ring and look inside it. She engraved “A New Life 9-30-17” on the inside of the band, signifying the importance of the day and immortalizing that special day forever.”

Natalie: “Between our signature cocktails, J’s Clemonade and Nat’s Nectar, we totally forgot about cutting the cake!”

Natalie: “In keeping with the music theme, we had guests sign Jordan's guitar that we still have hanging up in our house today.”

Tell us more about your “crazy” life with twins.

Jordan: “Once we were home from our honeymoon, we were ready to start a family. We tried getting pregnant for over a year and learned we had to go a non-traditional route. After undergoing IVF and lots of prayers, we ended up doubling our family in November 2019! Sylvia and Saylor are now four years old and the life of the party. Since they were born, Natalie has been a rockstar stay-at-home mom and twin DJ. She gets a lot of requests to play Billy Strings...”

Natalie: "When I became pregnant with twins, the life that we once knew was forever changed. The challenges of getting pregnant, carrying two babies, delivering at 31 weeks, and then becoming a NICU mom for 47 days were no easy feat. But that was just the beginning of another adventure in our lives. We may not go to as many concerts and festivals as we used to, but now we have two mini versions of us, who tag along and dance by our sides every step of the way. You'll catch us four at Playthink, The Big Stomp, Bourbon & Beyond, and any other family-friendly festivals. I could not be more grateful for this beautiful song that God has created for us — The Clemons Crew."


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