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Serving up Success

Adrienne Cole allowed us a glimpse into her life as Co-Owner of Marigold Catering Co.

By Dana Darley Daily Photo provided by Marigold Catering Co. With over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry between Adrienne Cole and her husband, co-owners of Marigold Catering Co., they’ve seen it all and know what it takes to be successful. Cole’s determination and attention to detail have led her to craft awe-inspiring menus for events around town. Lucky for us, Cole let us in on some of her tips and tricks below. What do you love most about being an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship offers you the opportunity to have a dream. Through planning, working and simply doing, it’s possible to make your dreams your daily reality. I love the freedom it provides and the creativity it allows me to conceive and produce. Just be careful what you wish for! What inspires you to create new and exciting menus? The seasons! And yes, I’m talking about the natural seasons of winter, fall, spring and summer, but also the seasons we go through as people. I know it’s true for me, but when you look back on the body of work from any creative person, you see the trends of their life. All of the feelings, the phases, and the influences, it’s all a part of the body of work. Did you have anyone that inspired you to go into this profession? Honestly, my grandmother! She was always an amazing cook and a better woman. When we would visit her, you could always count on a home-cooked meal made with real love. I loved how it made me feel and wanted people to feel that same way with me. Whether from a drink to dinner or just my hospitality, everything I do is with genuine love from me to you. Mobile bars are super hot right now. What made you choose to use different vehicles as your bases? I wanted to bring Louisville something new with Marigold Mobile Bars and be the first on the market with a fleet of vehicles. Our current bars are all named in likeness to the Golden Girls, so picking out the vehicle and the design was genuinely influenced by the characters. Moving forward, we will continue to develop our mobile fleet and will soon include some culinary activations! Any tips for women coming into the catering and events space? Build an amazing team! Cultivate relationships with the many other women in the industry and help one another grow and develop. This is not an industry of competition. It’s a collaboration for me! Marigold Catering Co. 888 W Market St. Louisville, KY 40202 502.439.8979

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