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Jenny Disney And Ariel Snow Of Blush Boutique

Jenny DisneyWhat is your fashion view? Fashion is my way of life. I think about fashion all the time. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep at night because I am so excited to wear the look I’ve picked out for the following day, because fashion makes me happy! How do you describe your style? My style is eclectic for sure! I like to mix bohemian looks with edgy pieces. I’ll mix preppy with hard-core rock-and-roll type looks. Some would say my style is fierce yet unassuming. What are your favorite pieces? I love the threadbare Louisville Ballet tee-shirt from the 1970s that I have been wearing for the past 15 years and the cowboy boots that I bought in London in 2005. I also love the J Brand jeans that I ripped up myself, and I love all of my leather jackets! Where is your favorite place to shop? I shop everywhere! I love Blush. I often find great pieces at TJ Maxx and Von Maur, and Forever 21 is awesome. All Saints is one of my favorites as well. However, those are just a few of the many places I like to shop. Who is your fashion icon, and why? I really admire Mary Kate Olsen’s style. She puts her clothing together in an eclectic way and is confident in her fashion statements. To be fashionable one must be confident. What has influenced your style the most? I would say my personal style has really evolved with my life experiences. Living and traveling abroad has definitely influenced my style and broadened my range and appreciation of fashion. My style is often inspired by books that I read as well. I feel that my style will constantly change as my life goes forward, but change is what fashion is all about.

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