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Dream Until It's Your Reality

A conversation with singer-songwriter Sarah Carter

By Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey Photos by Andrea Hutchinson Makeup by Becca Schell We all have our journey to seek out and live our lives to the fullest. Doing so involves the ability to dream about what could be while living in the reality of what is. This takes passion and trust in that passion, along with a lot of tenacity to endure the journey. The hills and valleys, so to say, keep life interesting. I’ve learned that just when you think the possible is impossible, you know the impossible is possible. Allow me to open this conversation with my daughter, Sarah, to learn more about her vision of possibilities. When the idea was presented to me to include a feature on Sarah, I made a considerable effort to avoid any chance of nepotism in this situation. By doing so, I called on our team to decide whether or not we should proceed. After listening to her demo, the vote came back a resounding yes. Being a Leo, Sarah is strong-willed and has an intuitive insight into the world around her. And, of course, I am so very proud and believe in her wholeheartedly. Read on to learn more about her journey.

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