Hammond deserves more local praise

| June 15, 2011

I hear this a lot: “How do you decide what to write about each week?”

Actually, it’s easy. I try to write about Kentuckians or things that will affect our state.

For instance:
NBC won the bidding battle to televise the Olympic Games four more times. That is a big deal for Lexington’s Tom Hammond and his many fans who have followed his work televising the Triple Crown, Olympic track and field, Winter Olympics and SEC basketball.

Hammond, played football for Lafayette High in Lexington and a little for UK, where his major field of study was the equine industry. He also has done National Football League games and Notre Dame football for NBC. And, of course, he and Larry Conley were an un-matched team for Southeastern Conference basketball. Larry, an all-time great UK basketball player, and Tom were such a good team that the SEC made a serious mistake when the conference didn’t make a deal to keep the pair.

Quick! Name the guys who did SEC network basketball last season. You don’t know, do you? Point made.

Out in the cold!

Despite Hammond’s national and international success, I always have had the feeling that he isn’t held in high enough esteem in Lexington and Kentucky. Maybe his talent is so good and has been for so long that he’s taken for granted.

I know that he caused me to be angrier than an old wet hen. After I had recovered from open-heart surgery, Tom had the same operation. Soon after, we talked in the pressbox at a UK football game. It was colder than a witches – well it was freezing.

When the game started and everyone was in their seats, I spied Tom seated in the cold – outside the pressbox! If there was anything a heart patient didn’t need, it was to be out in the cold. That’s about par for UK’s public relations people. I raised a stink and Tom was inside for the second half.

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