Face it; St. X, Trinity, in a class of their own

| December 16, 2010

Do you like high school football or do you prefer basketball and other sports?

I like them all, but I am most concerned about football because in Kentucky too many of our teams play teams they have no business playing. And that goes clear to the top of 6-A, the class for our biggest schools.

The problem is real – and it can be dangerous. Two schools dominate the top class, Louisville Catholic schools Trinity and St. Xavier. They have every advantage. More boys. More coaches. Better,  facilities (real stadiums and with artificial turf).

Not only can’t the biggest schools out in the state compete with Trinity and St. X, the big public schools in Louisville can’t either.

More money!

There’s an easy solution that will provide better football and make more money for the schools and the Kentucky High School Athletic Association: Put St. X and Trinity in Class 7-A, a class by themselves (where they actually are now). Let X and Trinity play the 7-A state championship game in Louisville at U of L’s Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. With just one game, scheduling difficulties with U of L could be easily worked out.

There have been so many changes in Louisville football during the 55 years I have lived,  in Louisville. Male High really was all male and duPont Manual was a boys’ school too. They could hold their own with,  St. X and Trinity’s predecessor,,  Flaget. It was the Golden Age of high school football in Louisville with giants of coaches in Nick Denes and Charlie Kuhn at Male, Tom Harper, Charlie Bentley and others at Manual, Johnny Meihaus at St. X and the incomparable Paulie Miller at Flaget. But the Louisville public schools became co-educational in the early 1950s, which meant that half of Male and Manual’s enrollment became boys and girls.

If X and Trinity were in a class by themselves, I can’t believe that the big public schools would stop playing the Catholic schools because of the big money games.

Why “˜H’ for Male?

While talking about history, here’s a question I get every year: Why does Male High have an “H” on its uniforms and letter-jackets? Because it was adopted when Male and Manual were merged into just “High School” for a short time during or just after World War I.

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