Read Your Bozich, Weigh In On Towles

| October 4, 2012
UK Freshman QB Patrick Towles. Photo by VICTORIA GRAFF | Contributing Photographer.

UK Freshman QB Patrick Towles. Photo by VICTORIA GRAFF | Contributing Photographer.

Here’s a tip for those of you still pining for the columns of Rick Bozich:

My live-in secretary, much more adept with  computers and the internet than I am, delivers Rick’s columns to me at about 7 p.m.

If you have any trouble, touch base with WDRB-41.

Rick, as his Courier-Journal fans know, is at his best when he writes about basketball.

In fact, I am surprised that he hasn’t joined the plea for an NBA team. Way to go, Rick, keep it up!

I am a big Bozich fan, but I must admit that I was disappointed by his column written immediately after Kentucky’s 38-0 debacle at Florida. As all Wildcat fans were all too aware how ineffective Wildcat quarterbacks were, they still are youthful amateurs.

I have been wondering since the season started how long it would be before bad stuff hits the fan because of the (stupid?) treatment of freshman quarterback Patrick Towles, who may be the best QB prospect at UK since Tim Couch.

Kentucky’s brilliant coaching staff, on a hot seat that gets hotter with each dumb decision, should have seen it coming. It is of their making.

I knew that it was just a matter of time, and I was prepared to ask: Should Towles stick it out the rest of the semester or wait until the end of the year before transferring?

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