Cardinals have rich history

| November 3, 2011

Think about some of the many great stars who have graced the rosters of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Stan Musial. Bob Gibson. Rogers Hornsby. Dizzy Dean. The Cooper brothers, Mort and Walker. Red Schoendienst. Marty Marion. Johnny Mize. Ozzie Smith. Lou Brock. Joe Medwick. Johnny Hopp. Enos Slaughter. Whitey Kurowski. Terry Moore. And now possibly the most gifted of all the Cardinals, Albert Pujols.

It is probable that Pujols soon will sign a long contract that will be for more money than the total salaries of all of the great players listed above. More than any other player in the history of baseball, even the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez.

All of the great Cardinals and all other big money players in the Major Leagues owe their largess to former Cardinal, outfielder Curt Flood, who sued Major League Baseball to make all players free agents and many of them with more money than they ever dreamed of having. Before Flood’s victory, players were treated like chattel.

Now Pujols, baseball’s finest player, with a huge contract either from the Cardinals or some other team, will rake in more money than all of the Cardinals listed above.

$$$$ for jocks

Unless I am reading the latest NCAA legislation wrong, it seems that all of the top college football and basketball players are in for a jolt. They will start getting $2,000 a year over and above what they are getting now. But that isn’t fair because for many of them that will be a pay cut. The going rate for top quarterbacks in the SEC is in the hundreds of thousands.

Seriously, that won’t fly. For every male who gets extra money, a female athlete will have to get the same. Title IX still is in effect, isn’t it?

This NCAA action brought back a lot of bad memories for me. I went to what is now Eastern Kentucky University my freshman year before taking out a year to teach in two one-room schools to save enough money to transfer to UK.

To eat in Eastern’s cafeteria, students had to line up on the stairs leading to the second floor where the food was served. Many a day I would keep counting my change to make sure I could afford about 45 cents for lunch. While we were waiting our turn, Eastern athletes would zip up the stairs and into a room where tables were stacked with food for the jocks.

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