Two Pauls in Boston?

| November 30, 2011

Just days ago, I awakened to a text from a friend announcing news of an event I had written off as impossible.

After checking Twitter and AOL, the small grain of hope I held that the text was in fact true began to expand as I confirmed the speculation:


Elation set in. I could finally look forward to Dec. 25 and avoiding family time as the Celtics again don their jerseys on Christmas day.

NBA Christmas is back!

It all seemed to come together. Everything was back to the way it should be.

But hold on a second. Of course, someone wanted to screw things up.

It appears lately Twitter has become the bearer of bad news. Just as I learned last year of the heartbreaking Celtics trade of Kendrid Perkins and Nate Robinson for Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic, I again came across 140 characters of disquieting news.

According to Chris Broussard, talks had begun of a trade between Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo and New Orleans Hornets ball-handler Chris Paul.

Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics.

Could this be serious! Didn’t the Celtics learn anything after the ill-welcomed trade of Perkins and Robinson to the Thunder last year?

The Celtics are a team built on camaraderie. Team chemistry is key for the dynasty built around the Boston Three Party – Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen.

In all honesty, comparing Rondo to Paul, I’d choose Paul any day of the week. He’s one of the best point guards in the NBA, and he’s not only good at creating offense, but also excellent on the defensive-end.

Still, despite Paul’s glowing statistics, the thought of trading Rondo seems like a horrible idea. And let’s give Rondo some credit. He’s also known as one of the top guards in the league.

The issue I have with the trade is the fact that the Celtics have been playing with Rondo since his start in the NBA in 2006. His departure will surely incite a period of disarray even with the all-star talent of Chris Paul to back Boston.

It’s a trade I just don’t quite understand, but there’s a lot that goes on with the NBA that no one understands.

I guess I’ll just wait it out to see if the Celtics follow through with the idea, and if not, I’ll have to say goodbye to the former UK player (the silver lining?) and welcome a New Orleans point guard to the Gardens in Massachussetts.

Either way, I just hope the Celtics figure something out so by the end of this 66-game season, they’re hoisting another trophy and keeping another championship away from Lebron. :)

The 2008 NBA Champions.

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