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| June 29, 2011
Bethany Tiesman working on Angie Fenton's make-up for our Spring Wedding Issue.

Bethany Tiesman working on Angie Fenton's make-up for our Spring Wedding Issue.

It seems like come summer, all those fabulous beauty tricks we learn during the spring, fall and winter go to waste. With the heat and humidity, putting on a full face of makeup can feel like a lost cause. One woman is helping say goodbye to that defeatist attitude and hello to fabulous summer makeup trends.

Bethany Tiesman, owner of BEAUTY by Bethany, has more than 10 years of experience, working for some of the best salons in Louisville and now as a full-time freelance makeup artist. Though she’s passionate about constant learning, she knows almost every trick of the trade. Her portfolio includes bridal, editorial, commercial, headshot, high-def and lessons. She shared her expertise with us to discuss makeup trends and how to keep it on our faces during the sweltering summer months.

What’s Hot?
Color is what’s hot right now. Right now you see a lot of trendy nail color that’s really vibrant. It’s really trendy to have color on the eyes, whether it be aquamarine, orange, green. Color. Now, not all over the eye. You don’t want to look like a drag queen. Just a little.

The peachy-colored lip is so in right now. How do you take it from day to night?
It can be a couple different ways. If you’re going to take the lip color and make it bolder,  take a lip liner that’s going to match that peachy color – maybe a peachy copper – and add to it so it actually makes the lip color bolder. Or you can add a gloss to it that will give it a pop of color.

How do you keep you makeup from melting?
Don’t get wet. Just joking. No, it all depends on your product. If you’re still wearing heavier makeup, like you did in the wintertime, in the summertime, then it’s not going to stay on. Choose lighter products. Choose a tinted moisturizer. Choose a cream blush – things that are a little bit more sheer. They should hold up for you better being outside. And always primer. If you prime the face, it should last even with our hottest days.

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