Stephen T. Lewis joins J Michael’s Spa & Salon

| July 6, 2011
Stephen T. Lewis, Master Hair Designer, Master Colorist, J Michael’s Spa & Salon, Photographer: Josh Merideth, Makeup: Jill Higginbotham

Stephen T. Lewis, Master Hair Designer, Master Colorist, J Michael’s Spa & Salon, Photographer: Josh Merideth, Makeup: Jill Higginbotham

By Franny Guenthner

Stephen T. Lewis, one of Louisville’s most renowned high-end stylists, has joined J Michael’s Spa & Salon in St. Matthews. J Michael’s is Louisville’s first luxury spa and salon to exclusively offer eco-friendly hair, makeup and skin care products.

“I am very excited to join J Michael’s,” says Stephen. “Our new salon is dedicated to creating a natural flawless look for our clients using eco-friendly products with concierge-style service.”

As I begin to talk to Stephen about his exciting new move to J Michael’s, he tells me about the new spa and salon, its mission and his love of hair design.

What excites you about J Michael’s?
First, our new luxury spa and salon exclusively offers eco-friendly products. Many people may not know what that means. Our goal is to promote greater personal health with hair products that are truly “natural.” These products are petroleum-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free, which give our clients a more pure, plant-based product for their hair and makeup.

Second, our spa and salon offers so many services above and beyond most salons. We offer hair-cutting, styling and color services along with manicures, pedicures, massage, body treatments, facials, waxing, microdermabrasion, peels and makeup. All of these services are in a very luxurious, concierge-style environment. We want our clients to come in and let our professionals make them feel and look beautiful while being pampered in a beautiful setting.

What makes J Michael’s so different?
Today’s clients want a greener approach to the products they use on their hair and skin. Personal health is so important these days. They simply want less harsh chemicals and products that come in contact with their hair and skin. J Michael’s exclusively offers products that fill those needs from our Eufora and Davines for your hair, to Babor for your skin and Jane Iredale for all your makeup needs.

Another factor is that we are building an atmosphere of conscious sustainability in the spa and salon. We want to neutralize our carbon footprint and are doing so with the lead of the Davines’ company, who is planting trees throughout the world based on our carbon emissions. We are also striving to conserve water; use efficient lighting fixtures; recycle our hair coloring foils and make sure all our products are recyclable.

What trends are you seeing in hair design?
Hair design is very exciting and always changing. We are seeing the trend toward haircuts that create wonderful texture and lots of movement. Soft waves and curls are cropping up from the severe straight hairstyles of the past few years. Another interesting trend is a “disconnected continuity” hairstyle where two dissimilar styles are juxtaposed together creating a forward, edgy look. Just remember, a hairstyle needs to reflect your lifestyle so that your hair is easy to maintain and complements how you live your life.

What advice can you give on taking care of your hair?
First, you must condition. It is really that simple. One of the great aspects of the Eufora conditioning line is that their products are “weightless.” Your hair will not experience that greasy or oily feeling. You can still have that clean, fresh feel.

Second, it all begins with your scalp. A healthy scalp creates healthy hair. The Eudora products keep your scalp healthy allowing your hair follicles to breathe and stay strong, lessening hair loss. The right cleansing, conditioning, volumizing and finishing products keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Third, maintain your trim. Keeping the ends of your hair nice and fresh gives you a more youthful, invigorated look. We recommend a trim every four to six weeks.

How has hair color changed over the years?
Today’s clients want a more natural look. We are now incorporating both highlights with lowlights to give your hair more dimension.
Another exciting trend in hair is the evolution of the color products themselves. Today’s products are less harsh and are more buffered so the hair itself is not damaged from the process.

For my clients, I also always complete the color with a finishing glaze, which seals the cuticle to lock in your color.

What styles are changing in men’s hair?
Men’s hairstyles continue to evolve. We are seeing a more relaxed cut that is very corporate during the day, but is unstructured for evening. Younger men are going for a longer, shaggier look, which adds fun and movement in the hair.

What is the one thing about J Michael’s Spa & Salon that your clients will be surprised about?
We have the most comfortable chairs in our shampoo area. They both massage and heat your body as you relax in the chair. All our clients love them!

What are you most grateful for?
I feel so fortunate to have wonderful, loyal clients who have become great friends. They have trusted me and have grown with me through the years.

I am also so grateful and inspired by Douglas Riddle, my partner. He has such a wonderful “eye for design” that inspires me to stay ahead of trends. His support and vision have been a vital part of my life.

Hair Care Secrets

  • Always condition your hair
  • Take care of your scalp
  • Use more natural hair products
  • Layer your hair products
  • Maintain your trim
  • Have fun with your hair

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