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| March 30, 2011
Douglas Riddle, center, president of Bittners, welcomes Giampaolo Bianconcini and Libby Rush to Bittners.

Douglas Riddle, center, president of Bittners, welcomes Giampaolo Bianconcini and Libby Rush to Bittners.

By Franny Corrigan Guenthner

Excitement is in the air at Bittners!  Bittners, the country’s most legendary design firm, is bringing back on board Giampaolo Bianconcini and Libby Rush, formerly of Ewald & Associates. This is a homecoming for both designers who had previously worked for Bittners early on in their careers.

“We are thrilled to have two former designers ‘come back home’ to Bittners,” said Douglas Riddle, president of Bittners. “I have been pursuing Giampaolo and Libby for many years. Both designers have a very high skill level, fresh design ideas and superior design talent, which will be a great asset to our design team.”

Giampaolo and Libby are well known designers in the Louisville area. Both designers worked for Bittners early on in their careers, so coming back to their roots was a natural transition for the next phase of their design careers. Their expertise is seen in many of the country’s finest home and workplaces.

“We decided to return to Bittners to better serve our clients,” said Bianconcini.  “Bittners is a true leader. Their full-service, ‘in-house’ design services are superior, which we found perfect for us. They have the most talented design staff, on-site master craftsmen, the area’s largest design resource room, unique antiques and accessories and a long rich design history.”

“The timing was right for us,” said Rush. “Douglas had been pursuing us for many years and finally it was the right time. We really wanted to get back to what we love to do best, which is create great design. Bittners allows us to do just that, which will be the best for our clients.”

Bittners’ drive to be a leader in cutting-edge design is important for today’s clients. They expect the best and deserve the best.

“We see that the expectations of today’s clients are very high,” said Riddle. “They want the best in design, merchandise, custom-made furniture and the latest fabrics. Keeping up with these demands is challenging for a designer. What Giampaolo and Libby saw in Bittners is that we set the bar high for ourselves. We want only the best for our clients, so we are constantly pushing ourselves to provide ‘cutting-edge’ design services. Our drive to be the best was the exact venue that fit their needs as designers.”

Bittners acquisition of Ewald & Associates continues its growth focus for the future. Bittners continues to serve clients throughout the country, reaching out into such markets as New York, Chicago, Nantucket and numerous cities in Florida, California, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Michigan and Utah. The firm also is well known for its award-winning projects in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

Bittners designers strive for excellence, which is evident with their national and state certifications:  ASID, NCIDQ, IIDA, KCID and LEED. They truly “design for the way you live” with boundless imagination, the courage to innovate and the wisdom to bring it all together.

“Bittners stays true to our roots,” explained Riddle. “We continue the uncompromising commitment to quality that Gustav Bittner created back in 1854 and is the hallmark of Bittners that we know today.”

Fast Facts

Bittners provides a full range of design services, which include:

  • Full service, “in-house” residential and commercial design
  • Talented, award-winning design team
  • Area’s largest design resource room
  • On-site master craftsmen and cabinetmakers
  • Area’s largest showroom
  • Hand-crafted furniture and restoration
  • Fine antiques
  • Unique gifts and accessories
  • Stop by and visit the Bittners showroom, open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Photo by Josh Merideth | contributing photographer
Hair design: Stephen Lewis
Makeup: Jill Higgonbotham
Stylist: Janice Carter Levitch
Bench: custom-made by Bittners craftsmen Brian Keenan and Gary Head.

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