Kal Penn of Harold & Kumar coming to Bellarmine Monday

| October 13, 2011

He’s one half of the famous White Castle craving, blazing duo known as Harold and Kumar, but did you know actor Kal Penn, who played Kumar, also has his hand in the White House?

Actor Kal Penn.

Actor Kal Penn.

Up until July, Penn had been working as the associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement. On Monday, Oct. 19, he will speak about his experience at Bellarmine University.

Inside Bellarmine’s Frazier Hall, Penn will discuss the importance of civic engagement. His visit to Bellarmine was arranged earlier this year by the Bellarmine Activities Council, a student-run organization that plans events and programs for Bellarmine students.

“We met as an activities council over the summer and talked about what kind of big event we wanted to do,” said Elizabeth Cassady, of the Bellarmine Activities Council. “The students wanted to invite someone who had a strong message that our students would be open to and eager to hear. We launched at the same time, the ‘Do Something Campaign,’ to get all of our students to take part in the local community and greater global community.”

The Bellarmine Activities Council believed Penn was a perfect example of community involvement and a relevant, recognizable figure who would interest college students.

“His message is that authentic change takes a while,” Cassady said. “You have to stay positive and do your part. We felt like that matched what we were trying to do on our campus this year.”

In order to promote the event on campus, the activities council passed out free White Castle sandwiches and flyers inside of Bellarmine’s quad.

Kal Penn.

Kal Penn.

“It’s the largest event that I’ve planned,” said Megan Lilly, senior at Bellarmine and president of the Bellarmine Activities Council. “The reaction has been really great. I think (Penn is) going to help me take away how to incorporate your life passion with your life and your career.”

Penn is a registered independent and his visit to Bellarmine will carry no political stance or affiliation. The Bellarmine Activities Council provided 800 tickets to the school and community free of cost. All tickets have been reserved and the event is full.

For information on the event, visit www.bellarmine.edu/studentaffairs/kalpenn.

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