Am I Sacrilegious to Hate Tim Tebow?

| December 13, 2011

I know this is going to shock some of you and even instill a bit of anger, but I’m just not willing to jump on the Tim Tebow bandwagon.

I’m not sorry.

The other day while checking Facebook, post after post combined two common themes: Tim Tebow and God.

Enough is enough!

So Tebow has the fourth quarter performance Lebron never had, but does that honestly make him worthy of outshining other outstanding feats in the NFL – The Green Bay Packers’ current undefeated season, for one.

I’m not saying Tebow’s a bad guy, I just think all this Tebow Time is getting a little ridiculous.

Tebow Time.

I will say I do admire a few of Tebow’s traits, but I’m just not convinced he’s this deserving of praise.

Before you allow your tempers to flair, I will give Tebow this: He does bring a stark contrast to a lot of the NFL stars out there who don’t exactly hold themselves to the highest moral standard.

Tebow is humble, a humanitarian, diligent and certainly persistent; and to top it all off, he’s willing to express his religious beliefs, kneeling down in prayer on the sideline to demonstrate his connection to God – which some claim is such a close connection that Tebow himself should become an ordained saint.

But those are off-the-field qualities. The question is, is he as good on the field?

Despite what fans everywhere are saying, including those who joined the Facebook group, “Chuck Norris has only one weakness – Tim Tebow,” the experts have a different view, several of them claiming Tebow’s weaknesses will haunt him in the end.

As some have argued, Tebow lacks accuracy, his football I.Q. is low, and his offense is not suited for a career in the NFL.

A few of his opponents on the field have fumed over Tebow’s attention as well.

After the Denver Broncos beat the Chicago Bears 13-10 in overtime last weekend, linebacker Brian Urlacher told the media that Tebow was “a good running back,” while Julius Peppers claimed the Bears lost the game due to their own poor performance as opposed to Tebow’s miraculous set of skills.

Julius Peppers of the Chicago Bears.

According to Peppers, “It wasn’t anything special that (Tebow) did.”

Are the critics and players jealous or do they actually have a point?

Is Tebow simply astounding fans with his typical last-minute resurgence despite lacking the talent that other great quarterbacks have displayed?

Tebow wasn’t exactly delivering a glowing performance during a majority of the game against the Bears on Sunday. Early on, he was 3 for 15 for 45 yards with one interception. In the first half, Denver was completely scoreless.

Yet that fourth quarter came around and Tebow transformed as always. Suddenly, he was 13 of 17 for 130 yards and a key factor in taking hold of the lead as the game inched down to the wire.

There’s arguments both ways as to whether Tebow deserves all of this glorification, but until he can display a consistent and complete set of skills, I’m not willing to fall into the abyss of Tebowmania.

Yes, he appears master of the comeback, but the issue here is the fact the Broncos are always having to come back to win! Why can’t they play four quarters well instead of waiting until the fourth to step it up?

I will admit to this, though. Despite the Packers’ chances at an undefeated season this year,  I expect to see another team holding up the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2012.

And, whether all that Tebowing is actually bringing Tim any luck, it seems taking a knee – on the sideline – is working well for the QB.

If his first three quarters can start equaling his last, then who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing the Broncos at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5.

After all Sunday is Holy Day, and Super Bowl Sunday the “holiest” of all to the football gods, at least.

I’m not saying I’m suddenly becoming a Tebow convert as I near the end of this post, but after all this Tebow talk and research I’ve done in an attempt to unearth his evil side, I’ve started to realize I’ve been a little harsh. There could be something special in him after all.

He has his flaws, but don’t we all.

But he’s also got the fourth quarter.

It’s not where you start, it’s where you end. And if Tebow keeps turning the game around in the last quarter, then we could end up calling him a Super Bowl Champ – and perhaps then, I’ll even consider calling myself a Tebow fan.


Tebowing with drunken Santa courtesy of Angie Fenton's Instant Santa app for iPad.

Tebowing with drunken Santa courtesy of Angie Fenton's Instant Santa app for iPad.

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