Glam Bomb at Meat

| December 9, 2011

There’s not exactly a shortage of parties and places that encourage guests to go beyond business casual, but there’s hardly an influx of such opportunities either. That’s why Amy Kunzler founded Glamour Bomb, a fun, simple phenomenon that only requires participants to “get glam” and then “bomb” a chosen locale with their presence.

Several years ago, Kunzler and pals dressed to the nines – often in vintage attire – on a regular basis before heading to Steam, a now-defunct Bardstown Road locale that catered to a cocktail-sipping crowd that enjoyed dressing up and listening to the cool tunes of jazz singer Bobby J.

When Steam shut down, Kunzler missed the days of getting decked out and going out. So she and Glamour Bomb co-chair Micah Cargin jumpstarted the monthly get-togethers, and they’ve been increasing in attendance every month.

Invites aren’t formal: You just have to know someone who knows the date, time and place of the next event. And, you’re expected to get glam. Added bonus if you pick a particular era from the past and dress in vintage attire.

The Voice-Tribune participated in the most recent Glamour Bomb, which featured guests in 1920s apparel at Meat, a cocktail-only hotspot that serves up some of the best concoctions in town.

Look for us at the next “glam bomb.” We’re definitely fans.

photos by JACOB ZIMMER | contributing photographer

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