| December 30, 2010

Mayor-elect Greg Fischer is set to take office on Monday, Jan. 3. After having a “Mayor for Life” whose terms spanned three decades, we asked a group of Louisville young professionals how they feel about the new administration.

“I’m hoping the new administration will bring new, fresh perspective. I’m hoping for innovative thinking and strategy. I’m looking forward to seeing new faces all across city government. I’m also hoping the new administration includes the younger generation for leadership. I like the idea of Louisville being a possibility city, but we need to make sure we’re including the younger demographic and continuing to make strides to bridge the gap between generations.” – J.P. Davis, 28, Office of University Advancement at the University of Louisville

“I look forward to having Greg Fischer as my mayor for numerous reasons. He is entrepreneurial, innovative, social, loves Louisville and just plain “˜gets it.’ He will continue to expand on Louisville’s obvious competitive advantages, while at the same time focusing on unique opportunities to move us forward as a city. Job growth, positive branding and being innovative in government should be areas of focus. And he loves my favorite Louisville happening – the Idea Festival!” – Tonya York Dees, president York Management Inc.

“What intrigues me about Greg Fischer is that he was transplanted into the political world from the business sector. I like having a fresh perspective in office, especially one with an engaging and entrepreneurial mind-set. I am in line with his thinking that Louisville needs to strive to be the best, not the biggest. As someone who plans to live, work and play in Louisville over the next decades, I am confident in Fischer and his team’s ability to positively impact each of those aspects.” – Trevor Joelson, 23, president of Wrap Up America and recent U of L graduate

“Greg Fischer will provide fresh ideas for Louisville “¦ good or bad his term will change the city. Change is a positive thing. We need to explore different ideas in order to find the ones that will work best for Louisville.” – Katie Walker, 24

“It’s encouraging to see someone who’s had success in the business sector be in a position of political leadership for our city. With his experience and background as an entrepreneur, I’m looking forward to seeing a common-sense, result-driven economic strategy from Mr. Fischer “¦ I’m also personally looking forward to hosting him at the Lightning game on Jan. 28!” – David Horne, 25, Louisville Lightning general manager

“He has proven to be successful personally throughout small business enterprises, so hopefully his experience will translate into successfully creating jobs in our community too. Very optimistic about 2011 growth.” – Michelle Warren, 43

“I am excited about the new mayor because Louisville needs some fresh ideas that will make this great city more attractive for the next generation. There are some key projects in this city that have been collecting dust over the last several years and the change in leadership is important to cleaning them up. I also like that Greg is holding individuals accountable for accomplishing the goals that are established.” – Rob Schenkenfelder, 26, financial adviser at UBS

“I am extremely excited for new leadership for the city that will listen and learn from surrounding cities, their city governments and lead us in a new direction, help to expand new businesses and attract new jobs to the area. I think the new “˜transition team’ that Greg has created is an innovative idea to take business leaders and experienced professionals throughout the city and allow them to team together to, in effect, allow the city government to learn from business that works. I think our city is ready for new leadership and will adapt quickly to this new change!” – Amy Miranda, 29

“Greg Fischer will run this city like a business, which is how all things financial should be ran. I’m looking forward to shaking up the administration and making departments and individuals freshly accountable.” – Justin Taylor, vice president of The Benefits Firm, 30

“As a young professional, I hope the new administration can continue the resurgence of downtown and bring the kind of jobs to Louisville that will make the city a more attractive place to live for those entering the workforce.” – Chris Payne, 27

“I am excited for the Fischer administration. It is my hope for Mayor Fisher to build on the positive legacy left by Mayor Abramson and take Louisville to the next level. I hope he actively engages with all members of this community because everyone can and must contribute to this city’s success.” – Jessica Moore, 29, assistant commonwealth attorney

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