The Afternoon Underdogs Hang With The Bats

| April 12, 2012
Tony Vanetti and Dave Jennings.

Tony Vanetti and Dave Jennings.

The duo known for their witty sports commentary on 790AM WKRD are heading to Slugger Field to host a live broadcast of The Afternoon Underdogs on April 19.

Tony Vanetti and Dave Jennings will take a “mini vacation” to the ballpark to enjoy dollar beer night, baseball and the “Bats experience,” as Tony calls it.

“You recommend (a Bats game) as at least the top three things to do in Louisville,” Tony said. “It’s not just about baseball it’s about the entire experience that your family and your friends can have. If you look at the success of downtown Louisville you can point to Louisville Slugger being built.”

The Voice-Tribune caught up with Tony and Dave for a quick look at the upcoming baseball season and what they love most about Louisville’s downtown gem, Slugger Field.

What is your favorite food served at Slugger Field?
Fried baloney sandwiches.
Dave: Probably those grilled sausages and peppers and onions.

What are the best nights to watch a Bats game?
Thursday is certainly a great night but Friday and Saturday usually have fireworks that follow the show.
Dave: Definitely, Thursday for dollar beer night.

What would be your walk up song (aka a theme song) if you played for The Bats?
AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”
Dave: Maybe the theme from “Sanford and Son.”

What position would you play if you were on The Bats roster?
I wanna be the pitcher. Are you kidding me? If I’m going to play baseball … I want the center of attention.
Dave: I’d be pitcher.

Which of the two of you would be most likely to make it on the Reds roster?
Dave’s probably a better pitcher, so I’ll give him that one.
Dave: Me because I’d be a better pitcher.

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