Heading to Heaven Hill — Wanna Come?

| March 14, 2011
Heaven Hill Bound

Heaven Hill Bound: Join The Voice crew on March 31.

Want to join The Voice-Tribune on a March 31 trip to Heaven Hill Distilleries? Then send us your favorite way to drink one of the Heaven Hill brands — and we’re not just talking about a recipe. What do you like to drink, where do you like to drink it and with whom? Post your response below in the comment section below by 11:59 p.m. Friday, March 18. Don’t forget to include an e-mail address and/or phone number (your choice). Then, keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates about which responses are our favorites.

Ultimately, five of our friends will win two tickets — each — for a day that begins at 10 a.m. on March 31 at Bourbon’s Bistro, where you’ll join a number of us from The Voice-Tribune crew and board a luxury bus from Mint Julep Tours for a trip to Bardstown. Once there, we’ll stop for a fabulous lunch at one of the area’s signature eateries before heading to Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Heritage Center. We’ll not only receive a grand, VIP tour that includes tastings and time with one of the Master Distillers. At Heaven Hill bottling plant, we’ll be greeted by Heaven Hill President Max Shapira and get an inside look behind the scenes, which includes visits to the Cordial/Liqueur Room, the labeling/dipping area and of course the gift shop. eventually, we’ll be back in Louisville by 5 p.m., where Bourbon’s Bistro will have plenty of specialty appetizer specials for us to enjoy as we recount the day and check out our individual bags of swag, which will each include — among other things — two rocks glasses, a signed bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon, and bottles of Pama, Hpnotiq, and Burnett’s vodka.

*You must be at least 21 to enter this contest and only refer to Heaven Hill brands — see more about them here. Also, please remember to “Think wisely; drink wisely.”

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Angie Fenton
Angie Fenton is Managing Editor of The Voice-Tribune, a Blue Equity company. She is also an entertainment correspondent for WHAS11′s new morning show, “Great Day Live!”, which debuted August 22 on Louisville’s ABC affiliate. Additionally, Angie is an entertainment correspondent for the Saturday Morning Show with Ron ‘n’ Mel Fisher on 84WHAS (840 AM) and has served in the same capacity for Churchill Downs, the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks; Breeders’ Cup; and Circuit of the Americas during the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix in November 2012. Angie also serves as an emcee, host, voiceover professional and on-camera commercial talent.

Angie has a bachelor’s and master’s in English from Central Michigan University and began her career as an adjunct professor at her alma mater. She is the youngest of five — four of whom were adopted, including Angie, and none of whom are biologically related. She is also a Michigan native who moved to Kentucky in June 2002. Angie is owned by two dogs — Herbie and Yoda — and feels lucky to have loved and been loved by many more, including Pooch, Jessie, Onyx, Jack and Big Bud, who took his last breath on Christmas Day 2012.

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  1. Beth Fowle says:

    I’m interested in going to Heaven Hill on the 31st

    • Angie Fenton says:

      Beth: All you have to do is follow the directions we’ve outlined in the article above and submit your answer. We SO look forward to hearing your response! Angie

  2. Jesse Dunbar says:

    My experience with a Heaven Hill brand has become quite the spectacle. I love PAMA! I’ve recently discovered how good this drink is. My partner and I showcase this great liqueur during our annual holiday party at Ramsi’s, we’ve now featured this liqueur over the past two years. The drink is a concoction of PAMA, a splash of Champagne and some pomegranate seeds for garnish! This is a great drink for intimate gatherings or all out parties. It has become a staple of our annual holiday party and everyone who attends always request the drink. Thanks for such a WONDERFUL drink Heaven Hill!

  3. Madelyn says:

    While my most memorable Heaven Hill experience involves a lot of HPNOTIQ after the LSAT exam, that is not one that I want to share or relive :-)

    I also enjoy Pama, which I first discovered at the Junior League’s Hollydays Market this past December.

    I try to stick to clear liquors, which is why I usually drink Burnett’s gin or vodka with tonic. I’m allergic to citric acid, so no lime in mine (yes, I should be in kept in a bubble!).

    My favorite place to drink is at home – either my own or a friend’s – and share a few drinks and good times with said friends.

    My boyfriend and I are both Louisville who transplants who have never visited a distillery. We would love to join you guys!

  4. Angie Fenton says:

    Thank you, Madelyn! And how did you do on the LSAT exam?? We’re going to assume a-ok. ;) We’d love to get your e-mail address, too.

  5. My favorite Heaven Hill cocktail is a summer staple for me: Sweet tea and Burnett’s Lemon flavored vodka. It’s smooth and tasty! I like to drink it with my husband (and dog!) on our wide front porch. Sitting on our swing watching the sun go down…you can’t beat that!

    In colder weather, I enjoy Evan Williams with ginger ale. Mmm!

  6. Michael J. Buckman says:

    At age 33, I never would have thought a life defining moment while enjoying Heaven Hill Vodka with a splash of water and lemon juice. My wife and I had learned earlier in the day that having children was no longer an option and we should consider other avenues. As we sat at our favorite pub, we cried, we reflected, we planned and we embraced the moment. We decided to start the adoption process, we agreed to enjoy each others company and explore the world around us. As we sat there, we realized there are so many hidden jewels in Kentucky we haven’t seen, so many things to do, we both agreed Ky. will be our comforting blanket and as we decided that adoption was for us, we realized we can give someone the gift of life and they to will be able to explore the world around them. I’m not a big drinker but that one drink lasted forever. Tears and heart-ache turned into peace and acceptance. A life defining moment was achieved with one sip at a time.

  7. Lorna Fulkerson says:

    Hi Angie! I would LOVE to go to Heaven Hill and take a tour! I am a fan of the clear alcohols, and love Burnett’s Vodka and Hpnotiq! I cannot tell you my one favorite way of enjoying my Vodka; I have many favorite ways! I vary my drinks according to the season! My husband and I love sitting outside in the evenings during the spring with relaxing music playing, sipping a Vodka and Hpnotiq, and watch the sun go down. I love to experiment with various fruit flavors during the spring and summer. In the summer, I love to make frozen Vodka drinks for pool-side coolers. In the fall and winter, I get a little heavier with my mixers, adding various flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon, and hazelnut flavored liqueurs. My husband and I do alot of camping in the fall, and there is nothing better than sitting around the campfire with a spicy concoction! In the winter, the best time to enjoy a cocktail is around the holidays, when the world is spinning with festivities, and relaxation is a necessity! My husband and I would love to join the fun!!

  8. Mandy B. says:

    It’s that time of year where Derby fever is setting in and the excitement of spring, the race and all things KY are on everyone’s mind. My friends and I welcome this time of year and typically kick off our Oaks and Derby day with a cocktail of Pama, OJ and Champagne. Once the warm days kick in we like to welcome the weekends on someone’s back porch with our own version of “Pamatini’s” by mixing Burnetts vodka with Pama and a bit of Triple Sec. Both cocktails are a nice edition to a warm sunny day. Having lived in Kentuckiana all my life and never have visited a distillery this would be an amazing experience. Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. Beth Fowle says:

    Angie, Thanks for the heads up! Our Thursday night girlfriend group enjoys Pomegranate Martinis made with Pama and a touch of cranberry.

  10. Terry Bernstein says:

    My favorite way to drink Heaven Hill is with some fruit punch. More often then not, it’s served out of large coolers and advertised as “jungle juice”. To this day I love to make a batch, serve it cold, and feel like I’m in my own little frat party again by consuming far too much of the juice, blacking out, and falling asleep on my bathroom floor. Oh the memories… remembered AND lost. LOL!

    Hey, anyone, since it’s charcoal filtered, has anyone else tried using this libation as ligther fluid on their charcoal grill? I mean, without any mixers it tastes like gasoline so it has to be worth a shot, right?

  11. Annette says:

    Unbeknownst to me, Heaven Hill was a part of my life from my birth. When my father passed away one of the items was a bottle of Old Fitzgerald that was given to him from one of his buddies upon my birth. Attached to the bottle by a thinning ribbon was a faded piece of paper that read, “to my beautiful baby girl, I look forward to toasting you and sharing a shot when you are older. I love you.” Unfortunately, he passed on before I was legally able to enjoy its smoothness. I have kept that bottle all this time and it is a treasured keepsake that I look fondly on day after day, because bourbon was always one of the staples in my household, especially Old F and Evan. Now, in my adult years I have come to respect the philanthropic nature that is the Heaven Hill family. As I serve on the board at the Kentucky Opera Guild we are charged with raising funds for the Opera and every year that we have approached Heaven Hill, they have been extremely generous. The first fundraiser that I participated in they were just introducing Hypnotiq…let me tell you, that table was so crowded with people enjoying the cocktails that were blended for the occassion and the same thing happened the following year when Pama was brought into the fray. I fell in love with these drinks. They are unlike anything else on the market and a mainstay at my home bar. Thank you Heaven Hill family for all that you do to promote yourselves and your product in the most appealing and responsible ways.

    • Annette says:

      Sorry, one of the items that was bequeathed to me was a bottle of Old Fitzgerald…
      thank you for allowing me to make that correction….

  12. Christine says:

    My Fav is PAMA! I love to mix it with Safia (Coppola) Blanc de Blancs and sip it with a straw with my best friend. We discovered this drink a few years ago at Ramsi’s and I have been making them at parties ever sense. They are great at any party or on the porch on a hot sunny Kentucky day.

  13. Wanda Cundiff says:

    One of my favorite Heaven Hill drinks would be a Copa Frozen Mudslide. There’s nothing like sitting on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean watching the sunset with a Copa Frozen Mudslide. That’s heaven from Heaven Hill.

  14. Lynda Arca says:

    I love HPNOTIQ with Mountain Dew! I hardly ever drink due to my busy work schedule and workouts… I would love to go on a “supervised” road trip where I can enjoy myself and not have to worry about getting a DUI! I’d take one of my co-workers who also deserves a much needed break.

  15. NIcholas Zeman says:

    I like to drink Old Fitzgerald, on the rocks, with my father on his front porch, who has terminal cancer. It comforts him to sip his favorite bourbon with his only son in the last years of his life and discuss politics, sports, and the weather. The dark, caramel colors and scent brings me back to my youth and the Kentucky home I have only so recently come to appreciate since moving back after 15 years on the West Coast. I am, like my father, born and raised in Louisville and we can cement that bond of family through a simple bottle of Old Fitzgerald, as his father did with him before me. Not a one amongst the multitudes of modern, upscale concoctions can make me as happy as Old Fitz, because every time I smell its sweet bouquet, I will remember my father and sharing it with him. Although he may pass away, I will continue to drink Old Fitzgerald and think of him as long as I live.

  16. Angie Fenton says:

    Congratulations to Jesse Dunbar, Lorna Fulkerson, Mandy B. Wanda Cundiff and Nicholas Zeman: You’re heading to Heaven Hill with us on March 31! Please send an e-mail with your contact info to angie@voice-tribune.com by Saturday, March 26, so we can get you all of the details. Thank you to everyone who participated — including those who submitted via e-mail after having website difficulties. Keep an eye out for more contests in the near future.