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| May 25, 2011

Farmer's Market.Located at Beargrass Christian Church off Shelbyville Road, the St. Matthews Farmers Market offers fresh fruit and vegetables, handcrafted jewelry, delicious baked goods and a chance to find your true love.

Yes, you can even find love at the St. Matthews Farmers Market.

Five years ago, when the warm-weather market first began, Jessica McQuade, of Triple J Farms in Georgetown, Ky., was introduced to her future husband, Matthew McQuade, by her competition at Gallrein Farms.

“Matthew came to the farmers market, and we thought we’d introduce him to Jessica. They fell in love, got married and he left our farm to work for her in Georgetown,” said Mike McQuade, Matthew’s uncle and Gallrein Farms employee.

Farmer's Market.Though Jessica whisked away one of her competition’s hardest workers, Gallrein Farms and Triple J Farms continue to host their tents side by side. There are no hard feelings between the two vendors; instead a strong family bond has developed over the years.

This sense of love and support seems to extend to the entire St. Matthews Farmers’ Market. Family and friends come together each Saturday to support local farmers and artists, who often operate a family business out of necessity. One such family-operated business is Dad’s Favorites, a cheese company from Lexington, Ky., that attributes its large-scale success to the market.

“From the farmers market we found distribution at Kroger, and from there we got Liquor Barn,” said Jason Caudill of Dad’s Favorites. “The farmers market saves us. This is our storefront.”

Foxhollow Farm.Dad’s Favorites is not the only local business that continues to set up shop each weekend, despite already achieving a high level of success. Cake Flour, a bakery on East Market Street, has been featured on the Food Network for its flourless chocolate cake and is among the most popular vendors. Najla’s, located at 8007 Vinecrest Ave., distributes its baked goods to 58 stores in Louisville and more than 400 nationwide. Yet despite Najla’s expansion, the owner still continues to sell at the farmers market because of its outstanding sense of community.

“I just love the energy and the spirit,” Najla’s owner Najla Aswad said. “It’s not necessarily cheaper to do the farmers market, but what you gain long-term is a connection to the community and a chance to support the local people.”

With more than 65 vendors and an estimated 2,000 locals in attendance each week, the  St. Matthews Farmers Market has become one of the largest in Kentucky.

Brian McMahan of Pigalle Crepes.Several vendors have hosted tents since the beginning, but the community is always willing to welcome new vendors as well. In just its second week, Pigalle Crepes has already become a hotspot vendor for locals, with customers waiting as long as 45 minutes just to taste the French-inspired dishes.

Aside from the delicious food and a stunning display of craftsmanship, the St. Matthews Farmers Market also offers entertainment for its guests, including weekly live music and special events throughout the season, including Children’s Day on June 4 and Senior Day on July 2.

The farmers market is held every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon through Oct. 8.

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Suburban Christian Church Farmers Market
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  1. Miles says:

    Cute, touching story. Who knew fruits and vegetables could bring two people together.

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    Love this article!