Coming Together

| March 23, 2011

ArtographyFor the moment, pretend that aliens exist. Imagine they are flying by Earth for the first time. What are they likely to see? They probably will not take into consideration the divisions separating humans, but rather see the human race as a whole.

Kenn Parks offers this analogy as a means of helping people understand his motive in creating and organizing Artography 2011, a two-day, art and music event scheduled for March 25 and 26 at the Creation Gardens, 725 E. Market St.

This awareness and fundraising event will launch the LOUcommUNITY Campaign, which aims to bring tolerance, understanding, cooperation, collaboration, and unity to those living in Louisville.

“In the end,” Parks said, “my hope is that this initiative opens eyes, hearts and souls to bring a better life for us all.”

Since music and art tend to bring people from different backgrounds together, Artography will revolve around the works of more than 100 local artists and photographers, as well as the performances of more than 40 local bands, DJs, musicians and street poets. The event will not only be a treat to your eyes and ears, but also to your taste buds and wallet, as craft beer, wine, bourbon and gourmet food will be available at reasonable prices.

In keeping with its humanitarian motives, Artography will raise awareness and funds for the Fairness Campaign, Down and Derby and the Wings Clinic, which are all local, nonprofit organizations. Artists and performers also will be donating a portion of proceeds to the cause.

Parks is certain that Artography’s success in Louisville could bring about similar events in other cities and unite even more people. Success depends on people’s willingness to abandon their prejudices and be open to all, he said.

Artography is a start to this ideal, and “Louisville can lead the way, as an example for the rest of the country and world to follow,” Parks said.

The festival runs 6 p.m. to midnight on Friday, March 25, and 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday, March 26. Tickets are $15 each night or $25 for both nights.

Artography 2011 Participants

Paul Paletti, Rachel Seed, Gary Quick, Carol McLeod, Andy Cook, Lisa Frye, Scott Slusher, Jeremy Dixon, Kenn Parks,  Karl Otto, Carol  McLeod, Evan Leibowitz, Will Seig, Nathan Fessel, Will Brandum, Lisa Oechsli, Jill Morgan, Dan Lubbers, Eddie Santiago, Emil Walton,  James Russell May, Linda Erzinger, Scott McCrory, Erin Fitzgerald, Justin Kamerer, Tim Valentino, Angela Howard, Ashley Brossart Art, Bethan Kannapell, Brittney McCormick, Christina Howard, Gregory T. Fugate,  Dana Marie  Rieber, Doug Lowry, Emilie Heim Pfeiffer, Jada Lynn Parks,  Jae C. Grady, James Wallace, Jamie Lynn Smith, Joe Autry, Joe Mays,  Kassi Earle Clifford, Keith  Linton, Lacie Turcott, Linda Akers, Linda Carmella, Louisville Arts Live, Mary  Malene Fox, Marc Goodlett, Megan  Mayhem, Mike Nusser, Pamela Parker, Panache Louisville, Phoenix Carlton, Tracey Ippolito, Tracy Graves Parker, Windy  Lauren Wonder,  Caleb Purvis, Curtis Anthony, David McIntosh, Donavon Shain, Erika Spidle Napier, John Seyal, Kayla Mattingly, William Bryan Ragland, Angela Ramsey Robinson, Rachel French, Raven J. Railey, Will Brandum, Amanda Johnson Parkhill, Brian Barber, Erin Vaughn, Laura Cummings, Mariah Kaye French, Roger Braden, Slade VeuCasovic, Tisha Nicole Felts … and many more.

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  1. Kelly Craig says:

    Here is a list of all artists and photographers that participated in this wonderful event:
    Ailene Bonczkowski
    Alida Cornelius
    Amy L. Patrick
    Andy Cook
    Angela Howard
    Angela Ramsey Robinson
    Annie Patrick Vowell
    Ashley Brossart
    Bethan Kannapell
    Blaire Schoppa
    Brian Grady
    Brittney McCormick
    Caleb Purvis
    Carol McLeod
    Cassandra Lewis
    Chelsea Lewis
    Chris Clarke
    Christina Howard
    Curtis Anthony
    Dana Marie Rieber
    Deborah Levine
    Denz Toaster Purse
    Derek Gregory
    Divinity Rose
    Doug Lowry
    Eddie Santiago
    Emil Walton
    Emilie Heim Pfeiffer
    Erin Fitzgerald
    Evan Leibowitz
    Frank Hartsough Martinez
    Gary Quick
    Gregory T. Fugate
    Jada Lynn Parks
    Jae C. Grady
    Jaime Duvall
    James Russell May
    James Wallace
    Jamie Ezell
    Jamie Lynn Smith
    Jeff Gaither
    Jen Mitchell
    Jeremy Dixon
    Jill Morgan
    Joe Autry
    Joe Mays
    Joey Goldsmith
    John Seyal
    Justin Kamerer
    Kait Whistler Seyal
    Karl Otto
    Karrie Bickett
    Kassi Earle Clifford
    Kate Eldridge
    Kate Gregg
    Keith Linton
    Kelly Armstrong Craig
    Kenn Parks
    Kim Monroe
    Kim Torres
    Kim Weber Swickard
    Lacie Turcott
    Lex Lawson
    Linda Akers
    Linda Carmella
    Linda Erzinger
    Lisa Austin
    Lisa Frye
    Lisa Oechsli
    Louis Bowman
    Lucas Bramblett
    Marcia Elizabeth Goss
    Mark Dewitt
    Mark Hazel
    Mary Bradley Levinsky
    Mary Malene Fox
    Mary Yates
    Matt Goodlett
    Maybelene Boswell
    Megan Mayhem
    Mike Nusser
    Nathan Fessel
    Nicholas Sea
    Panache Louisville (Rachel)
    Paul Paletti
    Paul Simpson
    Rachel Seed
    Rebecca Crutcher
    Rhonda Miller
    Robin Herrington
    Samantha Otto
    Sandi Griffith
    Scott McCrory
    Slim Brown
    Tasiir Franz
    Teresa Talbott
    Terri Pulley
    Tim Valentino
    Tracey Ippolito
    Tracy Graves Parker
    Travis Megill
    Wilfred E. Sieg III
    Will Brandum
    Windy Lauren Wonder
    Zan Hoffman