Battle of the Bluegrass: UK

| September 15, 2011

Big Blue Nation

UK Fans: ‘Even the Cards are in Cats’ favor’

The biggest football rivalry game in Kentucky is just around the corner, but according to the experts, it seems the outcome is already decided.

With the University of Kentucky’s 2-0 start to the season and experienced veterans on the team, even some University of Louisville fans have to admit, it doesn’t look good for the Cards this coming Saturday.

“I’m a Louisville guy, and it pains me to predict that Kentucky will win this game in a blowout,” said Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times sports columnist and ESPN’s “Around the Horn” analyst. “Both teams have great coaches and great futures, but the Wildcats’ future is about one recruiting class closer. They will run through the Cardinals like former Wildcat Randall Cobb ran through the New Orleans Saints in Green Bay last week. It will be ugly. Thank goodness Charlie Strong will make certain its only temporary.”

With the rivalry game being hosted inside the intense environment of Commonwealth Stadium, the Cats also have home-field advantage. UofL fans will be in some of the 67,606 seats, but the Cards can expect an overwhelming sea of blue, which will likely give UK a psychological advantage, too.

But none of that really matters, said Coach Joker Phillips.

“When you take that job over there you quickly understand that rivalry,” Coach Phillips said. “I think (Strong) understands the importance of this game (also).”

So do UK fans.

“Our running backs are sick. I don’t see us struggling with (UofL’s) defense considering UofL has freshman line’s on both offense and defense and let Murray chomp 5 yards per carry every possession. However, UofL’s 6-feet1, 230 pound running back from Florida is a problem for us. DeVante Parker: problem. Besides that, I’m not worried. If Will Stein tries those jukes against us in the pocket, he is going to get popped. #CATS” – Bryen Pinkard

“UK all the way because talent wins out. Go Big Blue!” – David Wehrle

“Even though both teams are a bit sloppy right now, the rivalry will always and has always brought out some surprises for the fans during game time. As a UK fan, I can’t give a bad prediction for my team, so I’ll say UK 20 UofL 17. By no means a blowout by either side.” – Kelly Kramer

“I predict that although Kentucky will win this game, the struggle both teams will show on offense due to the lack of superstar talent, at any position, will make this game one of the worst rival match-ups we have seen from these blood thirsty players in years.” – Joey Clements

“Kentucky. Class always comes to the top.” – Ernie Henson

“So many fans of both teams feel that this game defines the whole season. That kind of enthusiasm and excitement makes the days and weeks leading up to the game so much fun. Because of the home-field advantage, I think the Cats will win by 10 points.” – Lynn Anderson Reid

“Cats: home-field advantage!” – Holly Smith

“It’s always hard to predict a rivalry game. That’s especially true for this year’s game with both teams losing key offensive playmakers from last season. I think it will be a relatively low-scoring game with several turnovers. Final score: UK 20 UL 14.” – Aaron Yocum

“I think UK will win 27-13. I think playing at home is going to be the major factor. Kentucky has a big, demanding fan base that will show up. And by the way, Big Blue Country (on Baxter Avenue and Lexington Road) is having a UK pep rally Friday night!” – Bill Hines

“Kentucky is going to win. I would never say we’re going to lose. I say 24-17. Go Cats and Loserville sucks.” – Wildcat Corey

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