Battle of the Bluegrass: UofL

| September 15, 2011
UK's Moncell Allen is tackled by U of L's Antwone Canady.

UK's Moncell Allen is tackled by U of L's Antwone Canady in last year's Battle of the Bluegrass.

UofL Fans: ‘Confidence is key’

Nearly 16 years ago, Joey Strader and his wife, Lisa, sat watching the University of Louisville Cardinals play the University of Kentucky Widlcats at Commonwealth Stadium. At some point during the match-up, Lisa felt the tell-tale pains that sent her and her husband hustling to the car, sure their soon-to-be first-born child was ready to make her debut.

“The police escorted us out of the stadium,” Strader said. “An officer asked me if I was going to the UK hospital. My words to him were, ‘No, sir. No offense sir, but no child of mine will be born in Lexington, Ky. – sir.”

The diehard UofL fan and his wife were back in Louisville within an hour, and just a few hours later, their daughter Hannah was born on the same day UofL topped UK 13-10.

Sixteen years later, Hannah is just as big a UofL fan as her father, who’s stuck with the Cards through thick and thin.

It’s this kind of dedication and passion for UofL football that has helped lift the Cards to some outstanding victories in year’s past; and it could be the fans once again who will be the key to boosting the teams morale in Saturday’s game against Kentucky.

“We’re not playing with (confidence) right now,” Coach Charlie Strong said during Monday’s press conference. “A lot of times when teams go on the road they don’t play well because they don’t have the confidence to play well. That’s what we need.”

We asked readers to weigh in on who will win the match up, and fans showed plenty of confidence in the Cards, despite their 24-17 loss last Friday to Florida International University.

“Besides the fact that I think it will be an ugly game for both sides, I see the Cats struggling against the Cardinals defense. Ultimately I think the Cards will be able to get some quick scores on offense and win 24 to 14.” – Torrence Williams

“Cards. I would say Cards even if we were 100 point underdogs.” – Donald Hensley

“Cards. We have the STRONGest coach!” – Julie Spencer

“Special teams will be key! Too bad UK doesnt have (Randall) Cobb anymore. Go Cards! UofL 17 UK 14,” – Jason Lee G

“Cards will win. The way UK played against WKU was horrible. Our D will overcome their Offense 75 percent of the time. We can win big as long as our offensive line can create holes for our running game. Through the air I say we get two touchdowns. Prediction: 24-10 Cardinals. UofL baby!” – Jose Jose Miguel

“Cards! No question.” – Sammy Stratton

“The Cards in one word: Strong!” – Joey Strader

“#CardsNation” – Nitt Pitino

“U of L, of course.” – Marie Davis

“I think it will be a battle of the defenses. Neither offense really impresses me, but it will be about who can stop the run to force both teams to pass the ball which is where both teams are weak. In the end though, I see UofL over UK in a close game. I’ll call 24-20. Cards come out swinging first half then lose steam while the Cats steadily score through the game. Player to watch out for is B.J. Butler. Oh, and Go Cards!” – Johnny Thompson

“The Cards for sure!” – Rebecca Morrison

“UofL 120 UK 3.” – Alex Rayburn

“I think this is a building year for both teams so it will be interesting to see how they perform. UK and UofL lost some key players and it is early in the season. I think UofL can pull through with a win this year. I predict it to be a low scoring game: UofL 21, UK 20.” – Emily Lyons

“UofL 35 – UK 31. UofL makes a late comeback after looking terrible against FIU.” – Eric Anderson

“UofL > UK.” – Allison Siu

“UofL! Better team! And go Cards!” – Christina Bitzer

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