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| August 25, 2011

Benefit Concert for No Kill LouisvilleDave Moody has never been one to stay hidden behind the scenes, which is why the bassist who plays with Jefferson Tarc Bus and Billy Ray Cyrus is taking the stage in an effort to end animal cruelty.

Moody and Jefferson Tarc Bus will perform along with 20 other bands at the Benefit Concert for No Kill Louisville on Sunday, Aug. 28, at Phoenix Hill Tavern.

The concert, which will run from 2 p.m. to midnight, was established by Moody and his wife, Mary, after hearing about several instances of animal abuse.

“A friend of ours, Steve Osborne, put out a post on Facebook about his cat that had been taken away by neighbors and used as bait for a dog,” Moody said. “They killed his cat and it really upset me.”

A few days later, Moody visited Mom’s Music where his friend Ryan Murphy had told him of another instance of animal abuse. Murphy had rescued a dog named Cracker Jack that was found abandoned in an apartment. That incident triggered Moody’s emotions further, and he couldn’t stand to sit in silence any longer.

“It was just horrible,” Dave said. “We had been seeing things on and off, day after day, on the news about several things with animal abuse. And it just pissed my wife and I off. Basically (the benefit concert) started from a small Facebook post on my page. I just threw it out there because I was so angry. I said, ‘I am thinking about putting on a show to benefit No Kill Louisville. Who would be in?’ The next thing you know it blows up.”

Shortly after posting on Facebook, Phoenix Hill Tavern offered its venue for the concert, while several bands and the radio station WQMF-FM came forward to offer their time. Some of the bands set to perform on three stages at the benefit include Eight Inch Elvis, Point 1 Zero, Van Waylon, Dangerous Liaison, Sloppy Joe, Les Debutantes, Two Pump Chump and Moody’s own Jefferson Tarc Bus.

Mary and Dave Moody with Jessica Reid.

Mary and Dave Moody with Jessica Reid.

“Our band Jefferson Tarc Bus is a lightning rod,” Moody said. “People know who we are and that we do benefit after benefit. This one is very important. This is something that needs to be funded. Louisville has such a wonderful community of animal lovers that this was easy.”

While Moody was building support from the community, Jessica Reid, president and co-founder of No Kill Louisville, was completely unaware of the benefit concert. Reid helped establish No Kill Louisville in 2009 in an effort to end the killing of thousands of companion animals in Louisville. She later set up The Hope Fund after a border collie, Hope, was thrown from a vehicle along I-65 last year.

“What (Dave and Mary) are enabling us to do with this benefit is (make it so) we don’t have to turn away an animal that we could help with even just a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars,” Reid said.

Reid encourages people to consider adoption and the various options and benefits of rescuing an animal. Local animal shelters will bring adoptable pets to the concert for those interested in adding a pet to their family.

“If you really want to contribute to society and the community and help an animal in need, then adopt and don’t shop,” Reid said. “And everyone will tell you a rescued animal knows it’s been rescued. It bonds to you like no other animal does.”

Moody is hoping the concert will raise a substantial amount of money.

“I’m very unrealistic in my thinking,” Moody said. “Our objective is to try to hit $20,000, and if we can hit that, we want to try to sustain No Kill for like a quarter, say January to April, so they can conduct business and everyday affairs. If we can do that, then we have achieved something. And we want to do this every year. That’s our ultimate goal.”

Moody has high aspirations for the benefit, and despite deserving credit for the idea behind the concert, he and his wife are very humble about their involvement.

“I just want to thank everybody who has stepped up and showed why Louisville is so awesome and why it’s so giving and so caring,” Moody said. “I cannot thank my band enough. They’re there every single time we do something. They never question it. We just dropped something in the water and the community did it. It’s not what we’ve done it’s what everybody has done. At the end of the day, we can all go home and go, ‘Man, I feel really good about what we did.’”

Concert tickets are $10 for adults and free for children under 14. The event is open to all ages until 10 p.m., when the age restriction becomes 21 and older.
For information, visit www.nokill-louisville.com or the Facebook event page, “Benefit Concert for No Kill Louisville.”

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