Women’s Diagnostic Center fights breast cancer

| September 8, 2011

The Women’s Diagnostic Center is located at 4004 Dupont Circle

Women's Diagnostic CenterBreast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States. But a local health care facility is doing everything it can to increase the chance of survival through state-of-the-art technology and a genuine concern for both the physical and emotional well-being of its patients.

The Women’s Diagnostic Center, 4004 Dupont Circle, has served the Louisville area since 1986 and has become one of the leading women’s centers in the Southeast, helping women detect and treat breast cancer in a welcoming and supportive environment.

“The idea was to have an independent, private office setting just focused strictly on women and breast care,” said Dr. Arthur McLaughlin II, who founded the center with Dr. Edward Haick and Dr. John Thomas. “This center is set up for women and decorated for women. It’s very user-friendly, and we communicate very effectively and openly.”

One of the attributes that separates the Women’s Diagnostic Center from other health care facilities is its ability to deliver results quickly and on the spot.

“Traditionally a woman has to wait to get results,” McLaughlin said. “The waiting is often the hardest part. We can give their results to them (the day of the visit). Some women are busy and don’t have the opportunity to stay and wait for their results that day, but we get them their results as quickly as possible.”

Unlike radiologists in hospitals who have to divide their attention among several different duties on any given day, the Women’s Diagnostic Center is able to concentrate solely on analyzing breast exams in order to get quick feedback for its patients. It has been this quality that has helped the Women’s Diagnostic Center grow into a successful business over its 26-year history.

“The first day we had 12 patients, and at that time I thought that was a lot,” McLaughlin said. “But now we’re seeing upwards of 85 to 100 patients a day. Every year we’ve grown and we’ve added more services.”

Some of the services offered at the center include bone density scans, digital mammography exams, stereotactic breast biopsies and breast ultrasounds. The mammogram, especially, is one service that Dr. McLaughlin suggests all women seek on a yearly basis.

Women's Diagnostic Center“The key with all cancer is early detection, and in general, the smaller the cancer when it’s found, the better the prognosis,” McLaughlin said. “Usually if we find a cancer that’s 10 millimeters or less, there’s often about a 97 percent survival rate. Yearly mammograms are the best way to find (cancer).  No one really likes getting a mammogram, but we try to make it the best experience that we can. And breast self-examination is important. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and follow up if you think you’ve found an issue.”

Staying proactive is the key to combating breast cancer. The center has a staff of more than 40, including four other doctors besides Dr. McLaughlin: Dr. Lori Atkins, Dr. Atefeh Gupta, Dr. Christine E. Huxol and Dr. Julie M. Ekens. It is their goal to help women get back on their feet and keep them healthy and cancer-free.

“Nobody has time to be sick,” McLaughlin said. “If you can find breast cancer early and can increase the chance of survival, minimize the amount of sickness and get people back to their lives quicker, then you’ve done something great. It’s something to be happy about and something to be proud of. And of course, we are always hoping that there will be a cure. It looks like the future is going to be better, and it looks like survival rates are going to increase.”

For information on the Women’s Diagnostic Center, visit www.wdcntr.com or call 502.893.1333.

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