OPTIK by Korrect offers high-end eyewear

| July 6, 2011
OPTIK by Korrect Manager Robert Abend shows a pair of frames.

OPTIK by Korrect Manager Robert Abend shows a pair of frames.

When Korrect Optical opened its doors in 1929, sunglasses were becoming the cat’s meow after making a splash on New Jersey beaches, and prescription eyeglasses made of tortoise shell were expensive accessories for puttin’ on the Ritz.

On June 1, the business, owned by the Allan and Margie Baker family, added a third store to its existing locations on Dutchmans Lane and Dixie Highway. Inspired by Vice President Steve Baker’s travels in Europe, OPTIK by Korrect, located in the Prospect Professional Center, is already attracting fashion-forward customers.

Manager Robert Abend, a licensed optician who formerly ran an eyewear store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, has worked for the Bakers for 16 years. He believes that OPTIK by Korrect is in the right place at the right time to fill a similar niche.

“Louisville needs a store that goes the extra distance with eyewear, including handmade products, and matches that selection with service,” he said. “Over the years, people have asked us where they can get glasses they’ve seen in New York, Miami or Europe. Our answer is this store, and we believe Prospect is the best area in Kentucky for it.”

Korrect Optik.To satisfy those customers, OPTIK by Korrect has sought out glasses that are made by the designers whose names they bear, instead of merely manufactured under license. By carrying lines that aren’t widely available, it ensures that customers won’t see their eyewear in other window displays – or on many other faces.

The product lines include Lafont, a Parisian brand known for its use of colors (it has exclusive rights to most of the ones it uses). Gold & Wood, another French line, makes frames from unusual woods and animal horns that are shaved to reveal one-of-a-kind patterns, while Chrome Hearts is famous for adding inlays and leather. OPTIK by Korrect is among only a few retailers worldwide that carry the Vera Wang Runway collection. The store’s expansive selection of frames runs from around $200 to more than $10,000.

“This brings back memories of Beverly Hills,” Abend said. “We carried a lot of handmade eyewear and did a great deal of customization. Here, too, we can build frames based on any colors and finishes that customers want. If they want jewels added, or special etching, we can do that. Many of our products are limited-editions. We think Louisville is ready for this high-end selection and the service that goes with it.”

Optik by KorrectThat service includes appointments before or after regular hours, and house calls (or hotel calls) for celebrities or anyone else who requires low-profile attention.

Another feature that sets the store apart is its policy of donating 10 percent of the revenue from eyeglasses to worthy causes. Customers may select the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, the WHAS Crusade for Children, the Kentucky Humane Society or the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation, and will be acknowledged by the designated organization.

Although OPTIK by Korrect has been open for only a few weeks, business has been brisk, Abend reported.

“If this concept works – we feel confident about it – we might open other locations,” he said. “There are niches like this all across the country. We may very well want to take this on the road.”

OPTIK by Korrect (9219 U.S. Highway 42 in the Prospect Professional Center) is open Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.; other hours by appointment. For information, visit www.optikbykorrect.com or call 502.228.2020.

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