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| April 15, 2010


Louisville Tutoring Agency founder Moshe Ohayon.


Moshe Ohayon isn’t a teacher in the conventional sense. Before earning a degree in physics from Columbia University, he served in the Israeli Army.

Now living in Louisville, Ohayon, who was born in Israel, is studying for a master’s degree in linguistics and teaching Hebrew at the University of Louisville.

While at Columbia, Ohayon was part of a tutoring program that paired students who had done well in their first and second year classes with underclassmen who needed a little help.

“I found out pretty quickly that I was better at tutoring than at the jobs most college students tend to have,” Ohayon said.

Ohayon also tutored students privately in New York while at Columbia.

After graduation, Ohayon moved to Louisville, where his family had relocated after living in South Carolina. He continued to tutor students and turned his passion for helping others succeed academically into a thriving business, the Louisville Tutoring Agency.

The Louisville Tutoring Agency, 4050 Westport Road, helps students from kindergarten through college.

The Louisville Tutoring Agency, 4050 Westport Road, helps students from kindergarten through college.

The agency opened in 2005.

“We specialize mostly in high school and college students,” he said. “It seems like it’s our niche. Chain learning centers tend to focus on younger students.”

Louisville Tutoring Agency welcomes students in all grades, kindergarten through college. The agency’s nine tutors assist students in any subject, from basic math and writing to AP courses and college and post-secondary test preparations.

“We can help with the SAT, ACT, GRE, and we’ve even done test prep for the MCAT and LSAT,” Ohayon said.

The disadvantage to chain learning centers, Ohayon said, is that they focus on just the fundamentals of a subject and often use their own pre-made worksheets instead of working with the student’s real-world curriculum.

“We focus on the student’s actual curriculum,” he said. “We target and try to help with what the specific issue is.”

Louisville Tutoring Agency offers one-on-one sessions as well as an after-school homework program called the Homework Tutoring Program, or HTP.

Louisville Tutoring Agency tutor Blake Levine worked with student Edgar Moso.

Louisville Tutoring Agency tutor Blake Levine worked with student Edgar Moso.

In the HTP, students can come by the agency, at 4050 Westport Road, and work on their homework with the agency’s tutors.

The agency’s test prep program doesn’t rely on traditional test prep books. A self-professed bad test taker himself, Ohayon has spent three years studying ACT test prep books and their questions to come up with his own study techniques.

“Most of the questions come down to logic,” he said. “You see strategies in the books, but they only guarantee to raise a test score by one or two points.”

Ohayon has seen students who have used his test prep strategies raise their ACT scores by an average of five to six points, with a handful of students seeing a nine or 10 point raise.

“That can be the difference between getting a scholarship or not,” he said.

The walls of the agency’s reception area are lined with acceptance and scholarship offers and honor roll recognitions of its students.

Ohayon is currently working on a book, “The ACT for Bad Test Takers,” which details his test-taking strategies.

“We see results with what we are doing here,” he said. “I thought about it and decided that since this is something that’s new, why not copyright, compile and write it down?”

The agency’s Wall of Fame recognizes students’ achievements.

The agency’s Wall of Fame recognizes students’ achievements.

A corresponding Web site, ­www.actforbadtesttakers.com, will be up and running this summer.

Louisville Tutoring Agency offers several tutoring packages. Sessions can be purchased on a day-by-day basis or by the month at a discounted rate.

HTP packages are also available and can be shared by all of a family’s students.

Individual sessions start at $45. Packages begin at $120.

For more information, call 410-0235 or visit ­www.louisvilletutoring.com.

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