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| March 10, 2011
Dr. Thomas J. Haas.

Dr. Thomas J. Haas.

Say “ahhh” when you pronounce “Imaage,” and you’ll understand why business is booming at Dr. Thomas J. Haas’ plastic surgery center. After more than 16 years in a traditional practice, the board-certified plastic surgeon opened the Imaage center at 7501 New LaGrange Road in August 2006 to provide services that pamper his patients, and may also change their lives.

The sleek, silver-accented building comprises an in-office surgery suite, along with secluded chambers devoted to non-surgical skin care treatments and products. Many of those bottles and jars bear the Imaage label, with its signature butterfly.

“Imaage is a made-up word. It made sense because my last name has two A’s,” Haas said. “The products are available only through our center and our website, and are tailored to meet our patients’ needs.” The Imaage line includes a new cream that fights a number of flaws, from fine lines to brown spots.

“On the surgical side, our most popular procedure is breast augmentation, followed by liposuction,” said Amber Turner, Imaage’s patient coordinator. “Our Mommy Makeover is popular among women who have finished having children. They may have excess skin in their abdominal area, no matter how much they work out. The Mommy Makeover usually involves a tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast lift with implants. It’s definitely life-changing.”



Imaage was designed for comfort and privacy. A surgical patient interacts with only a few staff members, for a more personal touch. After the procedure, the patient may leave through a side door, instead of through the waiting room.

“Every surgery patient receives a complimentary microdermabrasion treatment,” she said. “It’s a treat for them after having had surgery, and it introduces them to our skin-care side. They enjoy that.”

Haas and his licensed aesthetician design personalized skin regimens for their skin-care patients, with goals such as skin tightening, correcting pigmentation and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Imaage carries products by Mark Lees, Obagi and other companies, as well as its own line. Imaage products are made with ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and sea proteins extracted from oyster shells. Haas has even developed a line of cosmetics,  – Imaage Minerals – with chemical-free sun block and other ways to defy “age aggressors.”

ImaageWith extras such as a VIP club, through which 5,200 members are currently receiving deep discounts, and special offers every month, Imaage has earned Dr. Haas LEO’s Readers’ Choice awards for Best Plastic Surgeon in 2009 and 2010 in the categories of face, breasts and liposuction.

“That’s quite an honor,” he said. “Our business certainly is good. The last time it was this good was 2007; it was down in 2008, and the past two years have been OK. This year is starting off very well.”

Looking far ahead, he foresees a time when plastic surgery is standardized and offered in settings that resemble big-box stores.

Imaage“Eighty years ago, there was no national pizza franchise, but now pizza is standardized. I think that will eventually come to plastic surgery, although it’s difficult to develop that kind of culture in medicine,” he said. “There is already cosmetic surgery tourism, which offers cheaper procedures in places such as the Caribbean. Those kinds of places are recruiting American doctors and nurses. Sounds nice, but I’m perfectly OK staying here.”

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