Business Profile: Burgeoning Enterprises Creates Connections

| August 24, 2011
Byron Burge owns Burgeoning Enterprises Inc.

Byron Burge owns Burgeoning Enterprises Inc.

Burgeon (verb): to begin to grow or increase rapidly; to flourish.

It’s a word you should learn before taking the SAT, and one that describes exactly what Burgeoning Enterprises Inc. is all about.

Burgeoning Enterprises, a business development advising company, began in 2007 when founder Byron Burge was asked to become an independent consultant for Coalition America, a health care cost containment company in Atlanta.

“It started when I was running another business,” Burge said. “A guy asked me to connect him with some people in some big insurance companies that they had been trying to (connect with) for about six years, and I did it all in two weeks. They called me back and asked if I’d consider doing this for them as an independent consultant.”

Creating connections between businesses is what Burge does best. He calls himself a “natural networker” and built a business around his ability to bridge important decision-makers with customers looking to increase their sales, specifically in high-tech software and health care.

“There are not very many people doing what I do,” he said. “The essence of what I do is getting customers in front of decision-makers rapidly and in the right way. There are right ways and wrong ways to approach people. We have expertise in leveraging and building relationships to make significant transactions happen rapidly.”

When Burgeoning Enterprises first began, Burge focused on large, multimillion dollar companies.

“My business has changed a lot in the last six years,” he said. “We originally thought we would only go after big, multimillion dollar accounts because we kind of got lucky at the beginning. But now we sort of go after middle and large markets. It’s been a really good change for us.”

Burge almost always works with the CEO or the head of sales of each company. He assists his customers in identifying the different decision-makers who will help their business flourish and sets up high-level meetings with those decision-makers. One way he allows customers to do so is through his “25 for 25” deal.

“We will put you in front of 25 of your dream customer decision-makers within a 90 to 120 day period,” Burge said. “We’re building a strategy, an action plan and a process to help (our customers) understand how to really get in front of people who can buy a ton of whatever it is they’re selling.”

Burge looks for customers who offer a product or service with an advantage or something that differentiates it; and while he concentrates on software and health care, he is also open to other types of businesses.

“I don’t really care what the industry is,” Burge said. “What I care about is that the product or service is really great and that it’s better and different and that the people we’re working with can actually deliver that to the customer.”

Once Burge helps bring about success with his customers, he continues to work with them on strategic planning and facilitating sales.

“Some companies have really talented people, but where they’re off base is their strategy,” Burge said. “That’s where we come in and help them understand where they need to be focused and help them understand what the definition of a good business development process is. There’s a definite process to ramping your sales up and getting the most out of your people.”

As for the future of Burgeoning Enterprises, Burge said his company will likely continue to grow and adapt with the economy.

“I think we’re going to change even more, but I do love the industries that we’re in,” Burge said. “We’ve made some strategic shifts that have really started to pay dividends. I try to build a business around the things that I’m naturally good at and continue to improve in and there are a number of different ways we can work with you and help you. It’s a lot of fun helping people grow their businesses.”

For information, visit or call 502.724.9391.

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