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| August 10, 2011
Josh Merideth | contributing photographer From left: Tracy Blue, Douglas Riddle, Lori Kommor, Lauren DePaso and Ron Wolz. Hair design: Stephen Lewis; makeup: Jill Higginbotham.

Josh Merideth | contributing photographer From left: Tracy Blue, Douglas Riddle, Lori Kommor, Lauren DePaso and Ron Wolz. Hair design: Stephen Lewis; makeup: Jill Higginbotham; location: Jack Fry's.

This year’s Voice-Tribune Best Dressed of Louisville Presented by Churchill Downs promises to be, by far, the best show yet.

As you walk into the show, you will be transformed into a dark world, full of new and unusual sights and sounds.
The avant-garde experience will be one you will never forget.

Creating this masterpiece took a team of creative, dedicated people who worked passionately on the event. I took a few minutes to find out how all of this came together.

Tracy Blue, Voice-Tribune managing director

The success of any event requires the dedication of loyal sponsors, community participation and a tireless team to pull it all together. I have been fortunate enough that all these components are so well matched with the Best Dressed team. How all these individuals came together is beyond me, and I’m truly grateful.

This event has been so fortunate with recurring partnerships from companies such as Churchill Downs and Brown-Forman, who contribute generously to this annual event.

It’s been so fun for me to watch Best Dressed turn into what it is now, and we’re so glad to have Dress for Success Louisville back again as our benefiting charity.

Douglas Riddle, BD creative director

Putting together the “hottest fashion event” is exciting, thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable because of the team that has been brought together by Tracy Blue. I love to work in a team environment, and none of this could ever happen without the talents that each person brings to the table.

For this year’s Best Dressed, my inspiration came from two dynamic creative forces. My first inspiration came from my recent travels to New York. While there, I attended the cocktail reception for the opening of the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit at the Met and narrated by Andrew Bolton, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Wow, I was completely blown away.

(Years before, I met Alexander McQueen when he became creative director at Givenchy.) After seeing the exhibit, I was amazed at how well the Met captured the soul of McQueen and knew this would be one of my influences for Best Dressed.

My second inspiration came as I watched in awe at the Louisville Ballet’s performance of “The Rite of Spring,” choreographed by Adam Hougland. I was so impressed with what Bruce Simpson, the ballet’s artistic director, had done with the ballet.

From a creative aspect, I could not get the McQueen exhibit and the “Rite of Spring” out of my mind. I knew then that the show would be heavily influenced with pieces from both magnificent creative forces.

I soon met with Bruce Simpson and for the first time, he agreed to work with Adam Hougland to create a special piece for Best Dressed. I was so excited about this! It is very rare for this to happen. We should all be grateful that we have such a wonderful dance company like the Louisville Ballet that could rival any ballet company in the country.

Ron Wolz, BD Design Director

I am very honored to be the design director for this year’s event. We have put together an amazing décor built on the vision of Douglas Riddle. Starting with the entrance into the Marriott Ballroom, you will be transformed into a dark underworld. Layer upon layer of metal and black leather accented with dramatic lighting and gritty imagery will create an edgy, urban and even, mysterious vibe.

The sexy VIP lounge area will be the “it” place to see and be seen. It will far exceed your expectations. Soon the lights will then drop and the magic will begin. I can’t tell you more than that!

Lauren DePaso, BD Project Manager

This will be my third Best Dressed, and it is no lie that each year just gets bigger and better. As the event grows, we strive to make sure that everyone has a good seat; tickets are processed; and name tags are printed with perfection. I never fully understood the term “labor of love” until this event. And to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Seeing this vision transpire is magical.

Lori Kommor, BD chair

It’s been said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” True. Just as true, it takes just the right mesh of personalities to put together The Voice-Tribune’s Best Dressed event. Tracy Blue’s first task was to wrestle Douglas Riddle into the mix. After a few years and a lot of persuasion, Douglas caved in. Let me start by saying, “The best is worth waiting for.”

We rely on the multitalented Ron Wolz to transform the Marriott Ballroom into a visually stunning space. The same creative passion and eye for detail that he has for design is what allows guests to feel as though they’ve left Louisville for the evening.

We realize that we must produce a new and innovative show each year. Through brainstorming sessions with Sonoma-Cutrer and late nights at the Marriott, our team has truly evolved into friends for life. And what do we all have to show for it? A fabulous recurring event.

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