The trials of a single dad

| October 12, 2011

By Jack
Guest Columnist

What makes dating fun? To me it is the adventure, the excitement created by the possibility of a long-term relationship and meeting new people through your date.

This regular column is intended to explore the fun and not-so-fun sides of dating. Before we should begin that process, you need to be spun up on who I am.

I am a product of Reaganomics. Growing up, my mother drilled me into a polite and well-behaved son. To this day, if someone mentions to my mother that she had best-behaved children she will glow with pride.

My father taught me to love Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Coltrane, Miles and Miller High Life. I am forever indebted to him for showing me not only how to love music but how to grow musically as well. I landed my first love in high school. We still keep in touch.

Fast forward to today. By day you will find me being Mr. Corporate. Pretty much a standard 8 to 5 gig in a role that requires a specific discipline and skill set.
On nights and weekends my time is split. Half the time I am playing dad to the world’s most wonderful child. I am a divorced single father who has 50/50 custody of my only child. I have learned since my divorce that having half custody of my child puts me into rare company when it comes to being a father. Most fathers in my situation do not operate like that and do the weekend thing only. I do not understand that. If you put into prospective the situation I am in, at best I am going to miss out on half of my child’s life growing up. How do you tolerate missing more?  I hope what you just learned about me will speak to my character.

The other half of the time I am out playing. Dating is definitely part of the mix. I am a true guy when it comes to my playing. Golf, live music, sports, sitting outside at a Germantown restaurant on a beautiful day and anything that has an internal combustion engine gets me fired up. What I enjoy most about this time is that I force myself into adventures and new experiences. I will try anything once as long as the consequences of the act will not land me in trouble with our legal system or interfere with the time I spend with my child.

To sum this all up, we are looking at something very exciting and unique here. A dating column based on the real life experience of a divorced single father. I have researched to see if something like this exists now and have not had any luck finding it. I am buckled in ready to go. Are you?

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  1. Indie says:

    what a unique perspective in the dating world from a man many men could surely learn a lot from. hope to hear more soon!!!

  2. Connie Hall says:

    Great article!! Ready to read more!

  3. Lester Banks says:

    His word structure is a little off, almost like he’s on a nervous first date with his audience. I hate to admit this as a guy, but I’m interested in reading more. I’m not even a single Dad, but many of my friends are so I know how difficult the dating scene can be. Keep em coming!

  4. julia says:

    i like this article and he sounds like a great guy, does he want to go out some night?