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| June 8, 2011
David Loignon and Sadie.

David Loignon and Sadie.

In 2011 the pet care industry is set to break the $50 billion mark in terms of money spent by consumers. Yes, I meant to hit the “b” key. That’s double what it was just 10 years ago. This extraordinary investment in pet care is due to the fact that more than 68 percent of you have at least one pet in your home and you’re becoming more and more likely to spend money on your pet.

You’re taking them to the veterinarian more. You’re buying more medications and supplements. You’re choosing higher quality and yes, more expensive, food. You’re paying more money to train, entertain and provide outside care for your pets. And the simple truth is that more and more of you feel your pet is an integral part of your family and not just an animal who shares your home.

So if you’re prepared to make a significant investment in your pet’s well being, how do you know what products and services work and what doesn’t? What’s good and what isn’t? And what are the steps you can take to make sure your furry family members make your life better and happier, not more complicated and chaotic. That’s where I can help.

As the owner of a pet care business, I meet a lot of families and get to know a lot of pets. I know it’s dangerous to assume that integrating a pet into your lifestyle will be a simple endeavor.  And I know there is a lot of advice and help out there, but sound advice isn’t always easy to find and every solution doesn’t work for every pet.

Home BuddiesI’m still learning about many areas of pet care, and with more than 20 years of journalism experience I know how to get answers to your questions. So I hope you’ll write to me and ask. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find the expert who does – and preferably a local expert who can help you.  I’ll also share  much of my personal observations and practical experience as a pet parent of two rescued Golden Retriever mixes.  (As an active participant in local rescue efforts, you’re likely to notice that I’m an advocate for rescue and adoption.)

I’m not prone to bragging, but I am proud of the fact that my business, Home Buddies Louisville, can already claim to be a “Pet Sitter for the Stars,” having taken care of Grammy-nominated singer Jordin Sparks’ two puppies, Maddie and Minnie, while she was in town for the Kentucky Derby last month.

So look for “The Pet Buddy” column in The Voice-Tribune. I will do my best to make the lives of you and your furry family members more enjoyable and help you deal with their changing needs throughout their years. So ask questions and send me your ideas. I look forward to sharing with you. You can also find regular tips by liking Home Buddies Louisville on Facebook.

David Loignon is the owner of Home Buddies Premier In-home Pet Care. You can reach him at or

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David Loignon
After 25 years as a journalist and television production executive I turned
my career 180 degrees and opened a pet care business; Home Buddies
Louisville. I couldn’t abandon journalism altogether though, so now I write
The Pet Buddy, a weekly column to help you improve the lives of your
four-legged family members. When I’m not hanging out with my wife Julie and
our rescued fur-kids you will find me on a bicycle racing for The Cycling Team.

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