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| December 8, 2011

DogEver wonder where the closest dog park is? Or have you wanted to track your pet’s vet visits and medications? Like everything else these days, there’s an app for that.

With pet care continuing to be one of the country’s strongest growing service industries, it’s no surprise that the technology world has an entire line of products directed specifically at you and me, pet parents.

There so many apps available, I decided to list a few of my favorites.

Please note the following apps are all iPhone apps; however, there are probably equivalent versions for Android and Blackberry devices.

Pet Notebook

This app basically keeps all of your pet’s information handy and in one place that is easily updated.

It stores information such as name, age, date of birth, along with ID tag or microchip numbers and license information. You can also store vet records and medications as well as including a photo of each pet. It’s $2.99 at Apple’s App Store.

Pet Phone

This app is similar to the Pet Notebook above, although more specifically targeted at your pet’s health.

In addition to your pet’s basic information you can find a vet in your area, track medications and dosages, keep tabs of vet appointments and even track your pet’s weight on a built-in graph.

It will even alert you when your pet is outside of his or her ideal range.

This app is $4.99.

Dog Park Finder

This is a great app if you travel with your dog or if you’ve moved to a new city and need to find a place to let Fido expend some energy and socialize.

Using your phone’s GPS, this app points you to the closest dog parks. It currently lists more than 6,000 dog parks and dog-friendly beaches, as well as more than 12,000 dog-friendly restaurants. It costs $1.99.

Pet Podcasts

Want to keep up on the latest pet trends and news?

Try subscribing the podcasts from Pet Life Radio. All the podcasts are free and cover topics from homeopathic pet health aides to how to help a newly-adopted pet adjust to living in your home.

Pet ID

My last entry isn’t an app. Instead it’s a high-tech solution to one of the most important aspects of pet care, making sure your pet has a traceable ID in case he or she ever goes missing.

How many of you have an ID tag on your dog or cat? Those of you who answered yes, how many have current information on that ID?

My guess is a lot of you need to update your pet’s tag. Rather than make a new tag each time you move or change phone numbers, how about keeping the same tag and updating the information online?

That’s the theory behind the new QR code IDs. Someone who finds your pet can simply scan the code with their smartphone and instantly get all your contact information, which you can easily keep updated online.

While there are several companies out there making and selling the new QR code IDs you might check out Pet Hub at www.pethub.com.

They not only sell the ID tags and collars, they also let you keep the information online for free.

They also offer a premium subscription service which offers shelter alerts and GPS mapping among other services.

David Loignon is the owner of Home Buddies Premier In-home Pet Care. You can reach him via email: louisvilleeast@myhomebuddies.com or Online: www.myhomebuddies.com/louisvilleeast.

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