St. Xavier Tiger

| December 16, 2010
St. X Tiger

St. X Tiger

It’s “kettle” season and volunteers are out in full force for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. This year, mascots from local schools participated in the “Mascot Challenge” to help raise money as bell ringers.

The St. Xavier Tiger took a second to speak with us about his experience.

Were there any pre-game rituals you practiced before participating as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer in the “Mascot Challenge”?
I was the St. X mascot in all of the home football games and at this year’s St. X open house. I also took extra practice holding the bell with only my four fingers (paws) before I started.

Does volunteering your time help earn more stripes?
Not really, but I am always glad to do something for my school community.

What does it mean to the community and the St. X student body that your school stepped up to volunteer?
It means a great deal since I feel like I represent all of the students and faculty anytime I participate in these activities or when I am wearing a St. X student shirt.

What were some of the reactions you got while volunteering?
Many people recognized the tiger as the St. X symbol and probably donated more than they would have to a normal Salvation Army volunteer.

Do you have any advice or strategies on how best to ring the bell and get people to open their hearts and wallets this holiday season?
It helps to have a symbol out of the ordinary to attract donors’ eyes and hearts to help those who are less fortunate. Also, it definitely helps to preform this task with enthusiasm and alacrity. Also high-fives from a tiger helps!

How will a mascot spend the holidays?
The tiger will spend the holidays curled in front of a roaring fireplace “¦ because he has earned his stripes and is in need of a well-deserved rest. But there is always the chance that the snow on the ground will intrigue his curiosity and he will participate in snowball fights or sledding activities.

We are all big fans of the movie “The Hangover” here at The Voice-Tribune, so tell us: What do tigers dream up when they take a little tiger snooze?
Tigers dream of “burning bright in the forest of the night and what immortal hand or eye could frame there fearful symmetry “¦ and what shoulder and what art could twist the sinews of the heart.” (“The Tiger” by William Blake).

Do you have a favorite breakfast cereal?
Yes, I enjoy eating Frosted Flakes because they are more than good, they are GRRREAT!

What is one thing you will take away from volunteering with the Salvation Army this year?
Seeing how many patrons appeared to be gratified as they recognized the tiger and placed their donations into the bucket knowing that they helped someone in our community.

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